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What is the greatest joy of writing fiction for you?
Writing fiction is just like revealing the unspoken me, the joy of speaking to the world in silence. It gives me space to change something I need to change in a way reality can't destroy. It's like breaking free, once you write words, it's all about your honesty and a better world you wish to build for anyone, to go anywhere in the story, feel many different colorful emotions, and grow your empathy like you're walking in someone else's shoes. It's like being many persons at the same time, feeling their deep seated pain, and being called to change their reality by a power of a pen and imagination. Writing fiction is like a beauty of inspiration which starts from the authors honest imagination to motivate, struggles to change people's fact by telling a lie that's never a lie.
Can you tell more about your own life story and how does it speak behind your first book?
There's nothing so special exactly, I'm just an ordinary girl trying to change her destiny.
I've taken my bachelor degree in architecture, but after graduated, I chose to chase my passion being a fiction writer instead, because that's the best thing my heart can tell, that's something I most enjoy doing, and it's always my dream to change people's life by what I write. People say I'm alien minded type, they keep asking why do I leave my degree I've obtained and choose to write while—you know—it's known that almost no one can make a good living by writing. But ya, all I know is sometimes, it's funny how the life's steering wheel has taken you, and the only thing survive me until now is my heart can't be wrong. no matter how corny, I know I have right to be happy and I'm too precious to live someone else's life.
In the end of the story, that's what inspire me most in choosing my first book theme. I want to tell the whole world that maybe you're just like me—maybe your architecture and mine is bigger than a building, it's about our home, a place where our heart's set.

And—ya—why streetlit? It's because raised among urban artists such as DJs, rappers, street dancers and graffiti artists also has drowned me deep in thought, that street attitude is not always about derogatory terms, curses, clubs, drugs, sex, violence. Take a closer look behind such life and you'll find wonderful humans too, for behind the turntable's vinyl they scratch, the microphones and harsh rhymes they spit, the checkerboard mat where their sneakers dance, or even the city alley wall they bomb, they're keeping that something inside, that these "kids", have rights to dream too.
How about a campaign called "Evergreen Honesty Campaign", is it part of of your book mission too?
Absolutely. I will officially launch the campaign as soon as the printed version launched in Indonesia, most likely one or two weeks after Smashwords version released so at least some readers have made the acquaintance of my book first. It's a kind of twitter campaign, where I'll dare anyone to mention me, send me their words and picture about whatever their honest passion and dream is. I'll retweet them so anyone will know too.

The idea of "Evergreen Honesty Campaign" will come up with word "evergreen" as its key. Just like "evergreen" word meaning in my book title, it derives from the name of big trees whose leaves are endlessly green and never fall through seasons, while any other seasonal flowers change the colors of their crown, live one season and die another season. It is used to symbolize people who's forever them in a world where many others choose to be someone else for sake of reality. This is a campaign I build for anyone who still dare to live a passion and have guts to tell the world what dream they're chasing and campaign it to each others.

It is part of my book's mission too, but what I want to ensure, the campaign is never intended to increase my book selling and there isn't any impure marketing reasons behind it, even those who hasn't read or bought my book can join it too. All I want to see are people's who's just like me, who's struggling hard being who they really are no matter what the world say. Cause I know it's only honesty can change the world, no matter if it's only a small part of it left in your heart. I believe together we can make a difference, and it always starts from a courage to say "this is me'.
What do your readers mean to you?
My readers are more like my best friends, people to whom I dedicates all my works. You know what, if you're an author, it's always amazing to know someone out there reads your story, it's like finding someone who's humble enough to open up their door of emotions and let you get in. No matter if you've never known each other, your message can always be delivered once they feel connected with the story. For an author, there's nothing better than that. My readers, just like anyone I've met in this world, will always be parts of my story, and part of my history.
Next question, have you got any plan about your second book after the first one released?
First thing I'm going to do next is translating my first book to English version so any international readers can enjoy it too. It is one of most important to-dos written in my schedule.

And about my second book—if it's about the idea—I'm a type of writer who goes with the flow, but I will stick to genre which involves urban life, street, touches of urban art or hip-hop cultures here and there, yet keep inspiring readers and deliver meaningful life's message. For the setting, I've been thinking about imaginary places somewhere in Italy, or maybe—the second choice—somewhere in Goddess Island, Bali. Or ya, we'll see what setting can fit the theme best.
Last one, if you can meet one or two of your most loyal readers, what things you're going to do with them?
Well, never too uptight, just hang loose. Maybe, just driving fast at 5.20 before the sun set in Indonesia, going uphill, and chit-chatting while drinking an ice cold beer or two. Lil' peace of heaven on earth!
Published 2013-09-19.
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