Interview with Anita Bates

Why did you write this book?
For over a century, Christians treated marital sex as something shameful. Women, in particular, were not supposed to enjoy it. Now, Christians are beginning to appreciate God’s plan. This is currently a hot topic and is being covered by ABC News and Time Magazine, among other news sources...

When we needed this information, there was nothing on the market like our book (there still is not another). Christian oriented books are too spiritual to discuss techniques; books that discuss techniques are usually distinctly non-Christian and often promote dangerous practices. Our goal is to glorify God and give practical guidance.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born in Florida but moved to rural Western North Carolina at an early age. I was sick most of the time, due to the cold mountain air so I stayed inside and read widely. This lead to a good command of language and a very broad knowledge base. My exposure to animals and nature gave me a practical understanding of the way things work and my church and Bible helped me put it into context.
When did you first start writing?
I am not really a writer. I am more a reader. My association with writing occurred in college. I suffered from test phobia so severe that I would become physically ill every time I tried to take a test. I worked with the college psychologists to overcome this and did so well on tests that I was hired as a study skills tutor, worked in Guided Studies-English, and taught English as a second language (ESL.) Much of my work involved helping students prepare term papers. Later, I helped my husband prepare his term papers and master's thesis. We then expanded his writing into our book, which has done well since 2010. A second edition was long overdue so we updated and expanded it.
How did you become an expert on sex?
My husband and I married late. We had been involved in getting our education. Seeing so many of our friends' failed marriages made us both determined to make our marriage work. We soon discovered that sex was designed to bond people so we began an intense -- and enjoyable -- study.
I was employed as an RN at a local psychiatric hospital. To earn my certification and the required continuing education credits, I used materials from the Sinclair Institute and other sources. I concentrated on sex.
My first twelve years as a Psyc. RN were on a Sexually Reactive Children's ward. That hospital closed and I worked my next twelve years at an inpatient State Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. I worked third shift (11-7) and much of my time was spent talking to patients who were unable to sleep. These women mainly wanted to talk about sex and relationships.
Published 2016-08-18.
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