Interview with Valentinus

What type of person would like "The Sons of Aries"
Although I don't like stereotypes, I think the spiritually open minded would be at the top of the list followed by those that have experienced some sort of past life phenomena. But there may also be the lovers of history who may find our contemporary historical perspective a bit near sighted. However the work also is geared for the scientific explorers who are seeking answers outside of the lab that offer fresh philosophies, for in truth spiritual science is foundational and born of a higher intelligence.
What prompted the writting of this book
Although healing collective aspects of the consciousness was the main premise, I needed the focus of the work to uncover other hidden aspects of self that were latent. So the work became quite investigative and although many questions still remain an many mysteries unanswered, I believe enough was uncovered to draw reasonable conclusions regarding the many incarnates listed. I tried to include enough supportive material herein in order to allow others a broader perspective for self discovery.
Can you explain your choice for the Title?
It wasn't the original title, but the book sort of evolved into something more than I originally anticipated, so I chose a more generic theme that encompassed more as well. The Sons of Aries not only relates directly to my collective incarnates it also relates to an enigmatic threshold for humanity that started around 4000 years ago during the age of Aries within our procession, for history before this period is mostly lost to us. So in a sense our history for better of worse begins with Aries. The Bastards of David relates to the offspring, factions and philosophies born of these early periods, the mysteries and mayhem that defined the cultures and their progenitors, as well as King David himself who as an archetype, father and spiritual warrior defined characteristically the greater collective of this soul who we see time and time again within the work, being Jesus and many other well documented individuals.
Do you think some people may get offended by your book?
I think there will be some, depending on their assumptions, beliefs and attitudes. But subjective interpretation is unique for each, and I don't think the type of people that get offended easily will be the type of people who read this type of work, unless of course they are in the crux of some type of spiritual transformation. Then I would welcome their interest no matter how limited, for this work caters to spiritual transformation in general, and although many are not there yet, it is my hope that one day they will be.
How does your book differ from other books on past lifes?
It's hard to say since I haven't read that many, but since each soul is unique so too should their story be. And although my soul may not be all that different than anyone else, it would appear that this earthbound collective has had some past experience in writing with occasional success. My only hope is that I don't do more harm than in regard to their legacies, but i'm bound to illuminate these beings from a new perspective that may put a few dings in histories war-ship.
Do you feel the writting of this book will be a benifit to others?
Although my original direction was a bit selfish in regard to self healing. I think because of the current format that one can find an path of endeavor that suits them best, if they are willing to take the necessary steps. This doesn't mean they need to uncover individual past incarnates in order to rectify the situation, but only to learn that something as benign as writing has the potential to open one up to alternate perspectives and at times; higher states of consciousness when its focused in a way that serves that purpose. Knowledge is the bridge, so I encourage a quest that is not limited to books, even though books are valid tools of self discovery.
Wll there be a sequil to the Sons of Aries?
Personally I don't think I have it in me to do another round in that capacity, although I do think there's potential to expand on certain aspects of the work, for in retrospect I only touched on some of these incarnates, whereas there's always much more to the story, not to mention certain healing philosophies, like using writing as a catalyst for self healing and discovery.
Is there anything you would like to add at this time?
Yes, that by and large truth is far stranger than any fiction one has the capacity to imagine!
Published 2014-11-02.
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