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Hello Philippa, I would like to talk to you about Kiya and the God of Chaos. At 180,000 words, it is a long book.
Yes, it was originally a trilogy but I condensed it into a single book because I was anxious that people should read the whole story. The trouble with writing three separate books is that readers are easily lost between books and I didn’t want that to happen.
Before Kiya and the God of Chaos you were a short-story writer. What made you embark on such a big project?
Actually, the first book, “For Love of Anubis,” was inspired by a short story. I wrote it for a competition that wanted vampire stories set in ancient times. I didn’t win but I got a nice letter from the organisers, who loved the story but said that Anubis was a flesh eater and didn’t qualify as a vampire. The story ended when Kiya escaped from Anubis, but it got me thinking about what might have happened later.
What about the other two books in the trilogy? How were they inspired?
Once I got started writing about Ancient Egypt, the books almost wrote themselves. I knew a lot about the country and its history. As well as stories about the gods, I have been interested in myths and legends from the region. The second book “The Ka of Osiris,” is inspired by the story of how Seth killed his brother, Osiris. The third book, “Seth’s Revenge,” brings in legendary monsters.
Do you have a favourite among the three books that make the trilogy?
I like the middle one because Kiya visits Crete and is nearly killed by the Minotaur – which makes a good scene. But I think the third one is the best. There is a lot of excitement. Yes, I think that “Seth’s Revenge” is my favourite.
Did you lose much by condensing the three books of the trilogy into a single e-book?
Yes, I went from about 225,000 words to 180,000, which is a lot of cutting. Basically, I got rid of anything that did not move the story forward. Although I had to cut some of my favourite bits, I must admit that the pace of the story has been improved. We are always told by editors to cut as much as possible and I think they are right.
Have you any more books in the pipeline?
I thought I would collect 100 of my short stories and entitle the book “Flashes from the Dark Side”. For some reason my stories are obsessed with horror and death. On the plus side – they are only around 1,000 words long
Apart from books of short stories, can we expect any more proper books?
There is one I started years ago. It’s a science fiction book about Earth in which all life has been wiped out except for genetically engineered men. It’s called “The Human Food Chain.” Basically, people have to eat each other. It needs quite a bit more work.
Published 2016-07-08.
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Kiya and the God of Chaos
Price: Free! Words: 180,780. Language: English. Published: July 2, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Kiya and the God of Chaos is set in Ancient Egypt in an alternative universe where the immortal gods are real. The heroine is a beautiful Theban temple dancer named Kiya. She has the rare ability to sense the presence of gods and becomes involved in an epic struggle with Seth, the God of Chaos, with whom she has an unexpected connection.