Interview with Sabrina Mesko

When did you start to write and why?
I began writing as a little girl, in fact I wrote poetry and fiction. I loved the way the words fit together in rhyme and there is a certain magical moment needed when writing poetry, and I remember that special feeling already as a child. When I wrote fiction I loved the freedom of endless possibilities of that aspect, you can create any character and take them anyplace anytime, what could be better?
What inspires you to write?
It inspires me to inspire others. If I can help someone experience a moment of profound inner revelation, self-discovery and as a consequence they are able to allow, attract and create a positive life change, that is my ultimate goal. This is my eternal inspiration and mission
Are you writing anything new at the moment?
Yes, absolutely, in fact not a day geos by that I don’t write. I write any place any time, sometimes just one line sometimes a whole chapter, but I am always connected to the creative source and love working on multiple projects at the same time.
What is your suggestion for other, newer writers, how can they write a bestselling self-help inspirational book that will be loved by many and in demand for as many years as your books have been?
First and foremost always write passionately from your heart. Do not reveal your book idea before it is already manifested and on paper. Always keep your ego humble and your heart open, write with a soul purpose and with pure intentions. Once a book is written it has a life of its own and if it is good, nothing will stop it from hungry readers. But of course, the book does have to be truly good and it's essence clear.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I am actually a hybrid author, I work with traditional publishing houses as well as independently. I think that is absolutely the best of both worlds. The freedom of indie publishing is fantastic.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
I love Smashwords because it is another very flexible platform that truly looks out for the authors and offers tremendous outreach possibility for a larger audience.
Published 2016-02-29.
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Following her bestseller success of “ Healing Mudras”, Sabrina Mesko offers this GUIDEBOOK where you can learn step-by-step visualizations for a specific purpose, goal or benefit.The 45 powerful result oriented meditations will help you create inner peace, prosperity and protection of body, mind and spirit. Ideal workbook if your are a yoga teacher, meditator, life coach & healthcare therapist.
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