Interview with Avery Aster

What is the group of friends like in The Manhattanites?
They are a fierce bunch of outspoken, successful, wealthy, vulnerable, and at times egotistical people who work in the fashion-beauty world. Most of them are either working at Brill, Inc., a multi-media firm in Times Square, or are clients of Brill, Inc. All of the characters are connected to one another as several of them grew up together. The novels celebrate their experiences while they holiday, climb the corporate ladder, and pursue love-especially revealing what goes on in their bedrooms.
What are some of the subjects we’ll be seeing in The Manhattanites series?
The Manhattanite series novels are all relationship driven and center around one main couple. The ensemble cast of supporting characters in one novel often becomes the main characters in another novel. They desire love and celebrate forever. However, they do push the boundaries of what you see in a relationship, but they do so with their partner’s best interest at heart.
What types of characters do you write?
A cosmopolitan backdrop featuring eccentric, over-the-top characters who celebrate their insatiable yearning for passion, all packaged in a glamorous way. Mentally, my characters are experienced, at times slightly jaded, and yes, very much thrill seekers. Emotionally, they are vulnerable, a little guarded-yet crave new experiences. Spiritually, they respect and love all walks of life, including straight, gay, bisexual, and so on. Financially, they aren’t rich-they are the wealthiest people in the world. Intellectually, they are educated enough to know not to force their beliefs on others; they don’t hide behind a political agenda. Physically, my heroines aren’t pretty; they are yellow-cab traffic-stopping gorgeous. And the men aren’t endowed; they are hung like Grammy award-winning rock stars. Speaking of cocks and those of us who find them irresistible, I advocate safe sex in all of my novels-condoms are a requirement. When the storyline calls for uninhibited encounters and it fits, I go with it. Remember this is fiction. Don’t try it at home!
Why did you elect to write a series and not a freestanding set of novels?
My dream as a kid was to be a soap opera writer for NBC’s Santana Barbara (1984-1993). I loved supercouples but often found myself disappointed when they’d split to thicken the plot and keep viewers interested. I started reading romance novels, because the couples didn’t break up. Sure, they have some shit storms, but we always get a happy ending, unlike some of my soaps.
Are your novels based on your life?
Yes and no. Most of my characters are loosely based on friends that run in my social circle via Manhattan and the Hamptons. They find it amusing. Always a friend who everyone seems to tell everything to, I’d like to assume that I’m a great listener and a loyal secret-keeper. My clique trusts me implicitly with the most shocking information. My novels are a grand venue to be able to turn their stories into fictional tales that readers enjoy.
Do you live in Manhattan?
Abso-Flippin-Lutely!! I moved to the city in the 1990s and never looked back. It’s simply the best place on Earth. I studied communications at New York University and have worked in media for most of my career. Currently I live on the Upper East Side.
Where do you write?
Usually for inspiration, I’ll surround myself in the streets of New York City. With my laptop, I plop down at my favorite coffee shop Sicaffé on the Upper East Side. They don’t have wireless, so there are no distractions. I only wish they didn’t close so early on weeknights.
I’m planning a vacation to New York. Can you tell me what the best place is to get a slice of pizza or the best musical to see?
I can’t tell you the last time I saw a musical or had a slice of pizza. I do fancy a good martini from time to time, though. And for that, I suggest the Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel. Ask for the Vesper Martini. If you’re looking for the best spa in town, I recommend The Peninsula Spa for facials. Their detox skin treatment, Instant Brightener, is a must. My favorite hair salon in Manhattan, hands down, is Paul LaBrecque. And no, I’ve never been to Chinatown to look for fake handbags. If this is your first time to our city, consider taking a carriage ride through Central Park. Have fun, and tip your drivers!
May I contact you?
Sure. I answer all emails.
Where can I buy your books?
My novels are available at Barnes & Noble,, Google Books, Sony, and Apple’s iBookstore.
Published 2014-03-26.
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