Interview with B.B. Blaque

When did you first start writing?
First grade, but I didn't really blossom until the third (then I was a rock star!)
What is your writing process?
Chaos...well, only sort of.

The ideas come to me in a variety of ways. Some are really random, such as the main character for a future novel, I misheard a name on a T.V. show and thought, "Who would this girl be?" I immediately wrote a quick idea. When I thought of her, I could "hear" her, and let "her" read the little introduction. She ended up sounding like something straight out of Steel Magnolias, and now I know exactly how I'll develop her.

The character of Calico was born out of another idea. In my mind I heard the Master calling his girl "Kitten". So I wondered, "What is Kitten's name?" This became Calico, and of course, with a name like Calico she had to have the multi-colored hair of a Calico cat. I wondered about her last name, and who she was and how she'd arrived at the place to be called Kitten/Calico. It all grew from there.

I always try to let them tell me who they are and how they came to be. I try to envision their psychology and how they developed.

Sometimes, a song will inspire a character name and the whole, "Who is this person?" will ensue.

The actual process of getting this out of my head is where the chaos comes in.

I have an old affinity for pen/paper and love to hand write things. I will write just about anywhere and on anything. After handwriting I'll type things into the computer in a second draft.

You'd think this could be enough, right? But, as I said, I'm inspired by what I hear. This leads to the ultimate reading of everything into my phone. This is something that's been invaluable to me! I walk around and listen for redundant word usage (especially when in close proximity.) I listen for the flow...I add accents (Like Carissa-before she became Calico and Detective Sheridan, I read their parts in super, thick New Yorker and it brought those parts more dimension.) Then the Mississippi and Louisiana accents of some of the other characters bring them to life and help introduce me to their spirits.)
Describe your desk
My desk can be just about anywhere I am...and the least likely place, is actually a desk.

The driver's seat of my car in a random parking lot, just because sea gulls called to me, or the sun was in a position making it feel somehow the place of the moment can make it the perfect desk.

It could be on a beach chair, under the trees if the wind is just right.

It's most often on my couch, with one of my fur children cuddled near trying for my attention (or for some sort of writing credit of their own.)

On the rare occasion I do use a desk type thing, it's dark with deep colors surrounding me and my artwork hanging near by.

No matter where I call my desk, music will typically set the scene, and sometimes pace, of what I write.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I've sort of grown up everywhere.
I'm regionally diverse, but have a special (sticky) feeling for the Dirty South (maybe it's just dirt and sweat!) and the plastic polish of California (glitter seems to stick nicely to sweat and plastic!)

I love beaches, the mountains and the occasional busy city. Basically anywhere I can drink in the atmosphere is welcome to me.

Everywhere I go and have been is reflected in what I write. I'm grateful to have so much to draw on and hope to visit and revisit some of my old haunts just to see what they make me feel.

So, a lot of my coming work will be set in the south, or have characters from there (Louisiana, Mississippi &Florida.) There will also be some city slickers (NYC & L.A.) as well as combinations of the two types (sometimes in one character.)
What are you working on next?
I've started work on the next Not Even Death (Still Your Master) and am editing the novel I've been working on for the past couple of years (which is complete, save for editing it down from 94, 900 words.)

I recently bought a dry erase calendar to help keep myself in line (I'm so not kidding!) I figure some days will be for Calico, some for Liberty (the MC of the novel) and I will have to take some days for just B.B. I have to find the balance again.

Not Even Death sprang from a need to distance myself from Liberty. I was living Liberty---in my ear, at my lips or coming off my finger tips--constantly. There is a whole soundtrack for the novel (most of it is posted on my blog) and if I wasn't doing the previously mentioned things, I was listening to the soundtrack to her (their) life path. Distance I needed and distance I took.

Ultimately I began Not Even Death and then the whole cycle began with Calico,Markus and Derrick (minus their soundtrack-I haven't figured it out yet.) My side project took center, it's time for them to share.

I've been so careful, at this point, to really tighten things up. I can't allow myself to even dip a toe into the other characters I have yet to fully develop. (There are still 3 more NED novellas to complete Calico's transition; the novel with Liberty (which should have 3 parts by completion; It's an entire journey into the BDSM Lifestyle, it's fantastically beautiful! Beyond these is another novel series as well as 3 more novella sets.) But for now, I can only allow Calico and Liberty.
What's the story behind your latest book?
The story behind, or story within? (One is of conception and the'll have to watch unfold with the series.)

Well, I've already explained how Calico began to develop. The idea just came to me (and went immediately into my phone so I could access it in the morning when I woke up.) I wondered not only about who Calico would be, but what type of man would call his girl "kitten." The first thought that came to my head was the kitty from the commercial wearing a shining rhinestone collar. I imagined "her" owner.
That was when Markus "presented himself" to me. I saw a distinguished, handsome man in a dark suit (just a hint of a starched sleeve peeking out) reaching to pet the kitten on the head. Then, I saw him patting Calico on the head. It grew from there.
I imagined their entire relationship from beginning to the very end, and then I imagined beyond.
Published 2014-06-22.
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