Interview with B Roman

What inspires your writing in general?
I write to fulfill my potential as a spiritual being, an artist; I write to bring forth the words and vision from my deepest heart and highest mind; and I write to offer those words and visions to others seeking an enlightening as well as enjoyable reading experience. But how to get those words out; how to express adequately the inspiration for those words; did I achieve what I set out to do? While my stories have no trendy vampire sex or teen gladiators, they are not without drama, conflict, or passion.
"The Secrets of the Moon Singer" trilogy has been a labor (truly a labor!) of love and dedication. Years in the making, an eternity for a writer. The hero of my stories is a young deaf boy - David Nickerson - who develops extraordinary powers of “hearing” through his affinity for crystal power and music, and a yearning to resolve his anguish over the death of his mother. A novice at spiritual quests, he inadvertently conjures the mystical clipper ship Moon Singer that transcends this world and transports him to other dimensions of time and space. There, he encounters people whose lives intertwine with his through many lifetimes. Though his otherworldly experiences are his way of coping with his real-world crises, his disability becomes his greatest gift and his ultimate goal is to save a life that means more to him than his own.
From the outset, I knew there had to be three books, three adventures: One, “The Crystal Clipper,” is the fairy tale, for that is how we all begin to process and resolve our life’s problems. We invent fanciful situations, envision our problems and enemies as “monsters,” and see ourselves as heroes who save the day and those we love. Two, “The War Chamber,” is the Trial by Fire as David takes on enormous responsibilities as Captain of the Moon Singer, with unfathomable consequences; he grows as a boy who, though afraid, is undeterred. Three, “The Wind Rose,” represents his ultimate enlightenment and awakening as a young man who accepts his fate and finds his inner voice and strength; thus, he “saves the world” - and changes it for who enter his sphere of influence.
I hope you will watch the simple slideshow video I made and will feel the emotion through the words, pictures and original song
What is your writing process?
Usually, I am moved by an inspiring thought or idea that forms a picture in my mind. If it grabs hold of me and won't let go, I proceed taking random notes as fast as they come. Soon, a storyline develops and I have some idea of where I want to go. After that, it is painstaking work, writing and rewriting, filling in plot holes, hoping that it all makes sense and someone will find my story compelling - besides me!
How do you approach cover design?
I'm strictly self-designing. But I'm no pro. I struggle with acquiring quality images that I can legally use, then getting the correct image for the publishing process. The image must represent the story as closely as possible.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
I've read so many books in my life - fiction and non-fiction - that I think I tend to stories with a metaphysical bent, a spiritual quality "Winter's Tale" for example. I also love courtroom dramas, anything by John Grisham. And of course, sweeping romance like "The Thornbirds." All of these books are beyond my writing capabilities. Maybe someday....
What inspired you to write the Moon Singer books?
I own a Singer crystal, shaped like a small sailboat, that inspired the Moon Singer trilogy's first adventure, "The Crystal Clipper." I found this unique crystal at a workshop (actually, it found me - which is what crystals are programmed to do). In pondering its energy, a story began to take shape and guided me through writing all of the adventures. Young David Nickerson came by his own Singer because it was meant for him; he is the one true owner of the Singer crystal which manifests into the Moon Singer ship which takes David on all of his adventures. Because the sacred gem holds all of the secrets and knowledge of the universe, it is David’s vehicle to learn about life, courage, selflessness and unconditional love.
Why did you make the main character deaf in the Moon Singer books?
David Nickerson develops extraordinary powers in worlds he never knew existed, because of his deafness: this important aspect of his character allows me to demonstrate how David hears the inner cravings of his soul and finds his own unique strengths. Hearing people who meditate are always instructed to do so in a quiet, silent environment - "Be still, and know..." David learns how to use his natural silence to find answers to complicated, almost unsolvable problems, and so his "disability" becomes his greatest gift.
What's the story behind your latest book?
"Whatever Became of Sin?" is a 180 degree turn from my previous books ("The Moon Singer" trilogy). While the trilogy is very spiritual in nature and hopes to evoke our "better angels," my new book is a suspense drama filled with human failings and dire consequences. I am now working on a prequel to the Moon Singer books, which is told from the perspective of young David Nickerson's mother, Billie, from before David's birth to the prophecy he must fulfill after her death. Many questions will be answered!
Published 2015-12-25.
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