Interview with Beth Burgess

Published 2013-12-28.
Why did you write The Recovery Formula?
“I wrote the book because I saw so many addicts going round and round the cycle of treatment and relapse when it isn't necessary if you do things right.

“The problem is, when you go to rehab or treatment, no-one explains addiction or recovery to you. You're taught all these tips and given rules, but you have no understanding of why they're important. Or people try different treatments, never finding the one that works; again, because they aren't taught why certain things work for certain people.

“When I was trying to recover from alcoholism, there was no guide out there, explaining how to get clean and sober in a simple way. I see The Recovery Formula as a much-needed solution to that. It's the book I wish I had had at the start of my own journey.”
What is The Recovery Formula?
“There are certain things that make addiction treatments successful - I have picked out the essential pieces and devised a Formula that anyone can follow to get, and stay, sober.

“The Formula is essentially four things - Get Real, Get Committed, Get Held and Get Replacements. These are the fundamental building blocks of good recovery. The book goes into a lot of detail, with the pitfalls, myths and realities - because it is in the details that most addicts go wrong with recovery.”
How do you know so much about recovery?
“Because I did it all wrong the first time around. I think we learn a lot from our failures, and the first time I tried to stop drinking long-term was a big, painful nightmare. I managed a reasonable amount of time sober, but I hadn't recovered at all. Sobriety and recovery are very different. I relapsed, big time - and I'm lucky to have survived to tell the tale. That's why I became so interested in finding out what really works and sharing it with others.”
What else do you do, other than writing books?
“I have my own business as a Recovery Coach, helping addicts and other people who are struggling, to sort out their mind-set and their lives and move onto better things. I also specialise in stress management and overcoming obstacles, working with both individuals and businesses. So I teach workshops on subjects such as assertiveness and how to cope with stress levels at work. I also do addiction awareness speeches, motivational speeches and am a trustee at drug and alcohol charity DiversityInCare.”
What is your number one tip for addicts who are struggling?
“Apart from reading the book, connect as much as possible with other people who are in recovery, and never, ever give up hope. I was a so-called hopeless case and now I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Recovery is achieved by doing the right things, one step at a time.”
Are you planning any more books?
“Yes, I've already written another. Typical addict! The Happy Addict is the follow-up and it's all about how to change your thinking, so you can be happy in recovery. It's a totally ground-breaking book, using NLP, coaching and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for addicts. It was published in July 2013, And I already have some ideas for some more books and courses to help people achieve what they want to in life, without feeling limited by their mindset or circumstances.”
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