Interview with Chauncey Roberts

What are others saying about your book?
The first person to read Scored of Scorpions: My Year of Hell in the Holy Land described the work as "beyond fascinating" and "very informative." But she was my first date at age 15 when riding on my handlebars as we went to see The Omen. Others have not been as kind...

"This is really one piece of unforgivable writing. The author doesn´t forgive Israel, Netanyahu, Bush and Blair. And yet he has failed to mention Kissinger!"
Associated Free Press

"What a bunch of liberal malarkey! In fact I suspect even the liberals will run like hell from Scared of Scorpions…"
Lush Limbaugh

"And what are these Jewish jokes about? Even though I personally belonged to an ant-Semitic country club years ago, doesn´t the writer realize only Jews are permitted to make jokes about Jews, just like only blacks can use the “N” word? I mean really, and all these dumb songs…"
Barbara Pierced-ear Bodybag

"If Chauncey Roberts is so opposed to illegal Jewish settlements in Palestine why doesn´t he just stay over there instead of blaming the U.S. Government and calling Americans unenlightened?"
National Christian Hypocrisy Report (NCHR)

"Israel kills nine people in the Gaza Flotilla Tragedy and Roberts´s dingdong concert is cancelled in Bethlehem´s Manger Square? What´s the big deal?"
Race to Kiss Israel´s Ass Congressional Caucus

"I stopped reading Scared of Scorpions when Roberts stated that he had wanted to be a starfucker. No star will fuck him and expect ever to work again in the business. Of course Israel told him not to come back!"
Military Defense Sycophant Org

"Just because Netanyahu believes he controls Washington doesn´t mean Israel is not our best friend in the Middle East. It´s a non sequitor, right?"
Zionist Savings Time

"In Scared of Scorpions: My Year of Hell in the Holy Land Chauncey Roberts suggests Muslims are buying more alcohol than Christians in Bethlehem shops. That smacks of self-determination! That´s not allowed!... All Palestinians must be painted as terrorists so everybody will keep their television syndication income into perpetuity."
Holy Gazette

‘’Beer is proof that God loves us“ would be no basis for sitting outside, guzzling away, where there are venomous scorpions. Surely, God also commands us to use our common sense! Upsetting Mohammedans, running personal risks…to what purpose?"
Benjamin Franklin

"Listen, those Arabs gave him an entire hospital wing and how does he return the favor? Scandal! Intemperance! Lust!"
Florence Nightingale

"Mon cher, there´s a difference between being a martyr for one´s cause and like with this Roberts only a delusional, paranoid traitor to his people…And his remarks about the French. Oh la la!"
Joan of Arc

"There can be little edification, no triumph of the spirit, in simply abandoning one sinking ship for another. Perhaps Mr. Roberts ought to have stayed in the Holy Land a second year."

"How can we develop state surveillance while still allowing heretics like this author of Scared of Scorpions out there shooting off their mouths? We know how Putin would handle the likes of him."
National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence officer

Gandhi: At least Scared of Scorpions opposes violence.
Lenin: Yes, but as I told Gorky a little violence is good at the beginning.
Gandhi: There´s already been far too much violence in the biblical city of Hebron.
Lenin: I don’t think adding beer-drinking Christians is a solution.
Martin Luther: Oh, I don’t know. Reform has to begin somewhere…
Who are your favorite authors?
I am under the influence of Edgar Cayce, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lillian Hellman, Truman Capote, Nathaniel Hawthorne, P.D. James, Margaret George, Elizabeth George, Iain Pears, Edward Rutherford, credit James Madison for his note-taking, and Noam Chomsky for independence of thought.
What's your problem with Beyonce?
Someone should wash out her mouth with soap and water. I heard her singing the m-----f------ song, and all these people praising what a great person she is. There's no decency and no class in these raunchy performances offered up by modern Americana. Countries of the world should go their own way. But lo! I found myself one night at a park in Sofia, Bulgaria and folks were standing around listening to satanic music. Much can be said for innocence.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
As a young teen an aunt loaned me Robert Merle's Malevil. Next I read Mandingo by Kyle Onstott, and then got caught in Helter Skelter and true crime.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia beside what was then Morris Harvey College in a lovely setting beside the Kanawha River and across the river from the Italianate state capitol building, one of the most beautiful in the US. Living beside the college I was often in its library and consequently always adored internationally libraries and book collections. But it was seeing the capitol building daily while playing as a boy or delivering the morning newspapers for six years which heightened my interest in politics, gave it a landmark, but only that, as landmarks usually don't change that much, while expansive curiosity led to more radical--indeed original--political thinking and understanding of our world.
When did you first start writing?
Sitting at a typewriter in my sisters' bedroom around age eight I discovered the joy of conveying my ideas in letters to certain aunts and uncles. I continue to be an old-fashioned letter writer, and over the years considered that letters might bring a smile or momentary pleasure to my reader. My mother was a witty letter writer and I appreciate the art of letter writing, also certainly reading books of great letter writers over centuries. It appears that upon learning of a death letter writing can be improved over beers. My mother never did that! One can finally develop to write death or bereavement letters regarding deceased one did not even know. The same can be said for songwriting, although it's better to fall in love and write of love for one's amour...
What's the story behind your latest book?
The story is that I've always been one to rock the boat, but just never imagined that the inclination would go over so dreadfully in Palestine! While initially I aspired to educate the American public regarding the Palestine issue and even the words "Palestine" and "Palestinian," to address the genuine prejudice ingrained in so many Americans via media and the influence of lobbies and misguided politicians, I have found that Arabs and Jews are just like family members, only as correct as the love and truth they express. I hope to be in the boat with those tolerant of others and looking for a splash!
Published 2014-04-24.
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Scared of Scorpions: My Year of Hell in the Holy Land
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 131,430. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: April 6, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Biography, Nonfiction » Travel » By region
Songwriter Chauncey Roberts is robbed of his movie camera in Syria, beginning a hellish year in which his Palestine, My Heart Concert in Bethlehem is cancelled because of the Gaza Flotilla Tragedy, his TV sitcom nearly comes into being, and he begins Camp Evil in which Jewish settlers attack a scout camp. He overstays his Israeli visa by nine months, escaping at Tel Aviv's airport.