Interview with BreakWave House

What do your fans mean to you?
Our fans mean the world to us, because their purchases help us change the world. We're committed to producing humanist erotica, erotica that makes each diverse individual's value clear. We're not about objectifying people. And that's revolutionary in our genre. So our fans are our fellow patriots, committed to supporting the values our books champion.
What are you working on next?
Right now, we're trying to get a pair of holiday anthologies out before, well, the holidays. After that, we're going to complete the Beautiful, Doomed trilogy. Book one's out now. We'll also be releasing the Interrelated Books II, III, IV, and V. Book II, Marathon, is currently Kindle-exclusive. That's something we really regret! But we've got those eight books slated to premiere before the end of the year. It's exciting!
What is your writing process?
Our authors have varied processes. Mary Farve, who writes the Interrelated Series, likes to binge write.
She pens whole books in a single sitting! Soledad Triunfo, who writes historical romances, prefers to read about history and imagine how historical romances might play out, before committing words to the page. Kylie Roman, who does our BBW series, hugely edits her work before we see it. And Holly Holiday has a family, so she's committed to writing a manageable daily quota.
How do you approach cover design?
We like our covers to have metaphorical value. We try to hone in on 1-3 symbols from each novel, and design covers around them. Occasionally, we'll find nice stock covers our favorite artist has created, and we'll even commission books from our team of authors centered on a good cover!
What is your e-reading device of choice?
We like our Kindles. They're really limited, and we wished they worked better with files other than mobi. But they're so affordable and high-tech, and we love being able to stream video on them, too. Sacrilege, we know!
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Honestly, we're still struggling with marketing. If you're reading this, god bless you - and tell your friends. There are lots of barriers to advertising erotica, that simply aren't publicized. We didn't know about them until we joined the biz. Amazon won't allow ads for erotic books, for example. That negates half the reason we joined Kindle Select. Mainstream advertisers like Facebook won't run erotica ads, either. We're just delving into book giveaways to bloggers in niche fetishes now. And we're thinking about advertising directly on porn sites! At least there, we won't get treated like pariahs for profiting off of incredibly common fantasies, other advertising venues want to pretend don't exist.
Describe your desk.
Our CEO has a standing desk. She claims it's helped an old sports injury that sedentary deskwork's exacerbated. But most of our writers work from home! Maybe we'll feature pics of their desks on the blog sometime.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
We make more per sale on Smashwords, than anywhere else. And because of the Smashwords homepage, we're guaranteed at least a bit of organic interest each time we post a book. We love seeing the data Smashwords compiles on our page views, free downloads, and sales. It's unique, and totally helpful. And most of all, we appreciate the erotica-positive attitude everyone at Smashwords has. It's rare to find a business that's so supportive of what we do!
What do you read for pleasure?
In the office, we love erotica. Marata Eros is a bit of a hero to us; we've been following her writing for years. It's what inspired us to get in the game. We also love romance - especially historical romance. And of course, the classics. We'd be game to do a staff re-read of A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, or Wuthering Heights any time, anywhere.
What motivated you to become an indie publisher?
We were tired of seeing people portrayed as parts, meat, in erotica. We were tired of outright prejudice in erotica, especially of colored people. We were tired of reading unrealistic depictions of trans, bi, and lesbian sex; especially depictions of idealized women from the male gaze. We were tired of fat chicks getting marginalized as a fetish interest. We were sick of popular depictions of sex robbing us of our humanity. And that's why we're humanist erotica publishers. We aren't perfect, but we value people over parts. After all, without our unique perspectives, beliefs, and personalities, parts would never collide. Sex would never happen. So sex is really about humanity, isn't it?
Published 2015-11-28.
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