Interview with Brent Swartzlander

Why do we need another book on the topic of wellness?
There is a nearly overwhelming amount of information out there on the topic of wellness. Even with all this information there continues to be an epidemic of poor health and dissatisfaction among the general population. The reason true wellness continues to elude the majority of people is the social and media distortion of what wellness actually is and what it takes for the average person to attain personal wellness. It is not as difficult as most people believe. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that it does not have to be so difficult for people to reach their personal goals when it comes to the mind, body and spirit.
Why do you feel you are an authority on wellness?
I think wellness is an area that struggles to gain momentum because there are a lot of pseudo authorities out there and people become skeptical. Our healthcare system has not encouraged practitioners to focus on wellness which has allowed the wellness discussion to wonder away from scientific facts. My position as a director of a not for profit community wellness program has allowed me to focus on what works instead of what brings in the most profit. Since I started practicing as a physical therapist in 1987, my patients have taught me many things about health and wellness from their perspective. Even as I pursued my doctoral degree I continued to dedicate myself to studying wellness topics and pushing for more healthcare practitioners to become involved. I usually feel more like an advocate than an authority.
What is different about and this book?
That is an easy one. I can sum it up in two words; simplification and individualism. Use the best science to simplify a complicated topic. Help people work smarter instead of harder to reach their wellness goals. Realize that each person is different when it comes to what they feel true wellness is. There are as many paths to wellness as there are people interested in starting on their "personal path to wellness".
Why do you think wellness should be of interest to people?
Again the science tells us why it should be important. It tells us that although we are living longer, that does not necessarily mean a healthier and happier life. It tells us that it is easier to avoid chronic health conditions than manage them after the fact. We know that health habits, good or bad, are learned and perpetuated through our example. Last but not least is the cost of healthcare. It only continues to rise and burden the average person financially. Why not incorporate wellness into your life and the life of your loved ones to avoid utilization of expensive office visits, tests and procedures.
What do you hope to accomplish with this book?
I hope to at least spark a conversation or cause some personal reflection. I hope to refocus individuals and practitioners on the simple science of wellness. Wellness does not have to be overwhelming and it is not an all or nothing type of endeavor. Everyone can take positive steps to enhance their personal wellness.
Published 2013-10-20.
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