Interview with Bruce Guelden

Who ARE you anyway?
My name is Bruce Guelden. I was born in Berkeley and raised in the Bay Area. I now live in Winters, California.
I am a relatively nice guy, but I do drink and smoke too much.
I was once the vice-mayor of our small town…then they got wise and voted me out.
I live with my dog Max... pending a court order of custody.
Are you really allowing the production of your play without cost?
Yes. I have never received compensation for the production of The Great American Western. I am the sole author and this play has a copywrite and is published. It has been performed over 100 times by 9 theater companies.
I will encourage and assist any theater company in the staging of this play.
I do require that there be a written understanding between myself and the theater company. This agreement is mostly to protect The Play from wild editing by the director or actors.
If you choose to read this play, I would encourage you to download the script on a full computer screen. Because of the format of the script (and various fonts), it is difficult to read on a hand-held device. Also, the script found on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords is not the most current, up-to-date, and new and improved script. I make edits every few months to keep up with current pop culture trends and political news. I have recently injected a few lines concerning Donald and Hillary. Send me an email and I will send back a script that is not "dated".
If you have an interest, please contact me.
Bruce Guelden (530) 795-4919
Are there any concerns with copyrights of the characters or use of the songs?
I have paid an attorney to review the script and he has also seen the play. He has informed me in writing that the play is in the "parody" genre and thus outside the umbrella of copyright law. I can email the 2 page brief by the attorney if your theater company has any concerns. (This has never been an issue.)
Has this play ever received any awards?
It has received several awards--mostly under the category: Comedy/Musical and Original Works.
Several actors have received recognition for their specific roles.
What are your hopes for this play?
I would like to see this play produced in every State of the Union.
(But not Montana. I don't like Montana)
I am a strong supporter of community theater.
My hope is that many community theaters will make a ton of money from this play.
This is a Musical. How exactly does the music work without a band?
A musical is the hardest of all plays to produce--mostly because of the band. There is no need for a band because all the songs in this play are on a CD. All 8 songs are pre-edited and recorded without the vocals. The cast simply sings along with the music (karaoke style). If any theater company wishes to use a band, then that will work just as well. However, I feel using the CD adds to the "campy" humor of the play. Suit yourself.
Contact me and I will mail the music CD containing 8 songs, sound effects, and the bumper music.
Can you submit reviews of The Great American Western?
I can email several reviews. They are all positive or I wouldn't bother to email them.
What are some of the production stats?
A cast of 4 men, 4 women, and one boy (under 10), plus a narrator.
Three cast members will play duel roles in the unemployment scene.
First act--50 minutes.
Second act--45 minutes.
The scene changes are relatively simple.
Final thoughts
This play is not a melodrama or slapstick.
It should be delivered as camp humor. It has the tone of Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein. There are no social messages here and it does not get preachy. It was written with the sole purpose to entertain the public and sell tickets. It plays the best in front of a hip and intelligent audience...just like you.
If I can be of any assistance in the production of this play please don’t hesitate to ask. I can send-off many of the props and customs.
The bottom line is this. I wrote this play to be performed before a live audience. It does not benefit anyone to have it sit on my desk and collect dust.
Have fun with it.
I can provide a DVD of the play on request.
On a personal note...
I have published this play through the Smashwords website. As of April 29th, it has been downloaded over 350 times via Smashwords, ibooks, and Barnes and Noble. Several theater companies have expressed an interest in the production of The Great American Western. I wish to express a big THANK YOU to Mark Coker and the staff at Smashwords for making this possible.
Published 2016-10-20.
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The Great American Western (The Lost Episode), A Musical Comedy
Price: Free! Words: 10,260. Language: American English. Published: January 25, 2015. Categories: Plays » American / African American, Fiction » Humor & comedy » Parody
(5.00 from 1 review)
This is a full length play written specifically for community theater. Any non-profit theater may produce it without royalties. (It is best read on a full size screen because of the fonts and format) This play has won several regional awards and has been staged over 100 times. It is an edgy, politically incorrect musical that pokes fun at politicians, government, and pop culture. Have fun with it.