Interview with Shelton Ranasinghe

I understand you are "following your bliss" in writing your blissful books. What made you to write the books?
After I came to the USA I came across some books of Professor Joseph Campbell on a subject I was interested in – mythology and philosophy. Joe Campbell had a famous quote, ‘Follow your bliss.’ In one interview he mentioned that ‘if you wanted to write a book and if you have not done that, what sort of feeling you will get when the moment comes for you to die?

This quote and his words inspired me. I read the professor’s entire collection of writings and watched all his videos.

The exposure I’ve had from living in five continents over my active career as a professional engineer gave me a unique and broad understanding of various cultures, social behavior patterns and belief. This lead me to write the first book.
What's your first book? Tell us about it. How long did you take to write it.
The title was "Buddha Impetus to Primitive Psyche."

From my young age I have read many books on various belief systems. I had a habit of writing down my rationale thinking on superstitious ideas, religious concepts and similar things. After I realized the collection of what I had written in the past and also the knowledge I gathered from reading about various cultures, belief systems and social evolution, I thought I could easily compile a book.

If you look into the timeline of human civilization process, from the time the primitive hunter became the hunter gatherers and to the present status, we have created many beliefs and superstitious ideas and passed them on to our next generations. When we come out from the ‘manufacturing factory,’ our brains are clear like new flash drives. But from childhood our brains are fed with doses of superstitious and paranormal ideas by our parents and others. I try to highlight some of these aspects in my book though it was written under the rationale viewpoints of Buddhist philosophy.

“Buddha Impetus to Primitive Psyche,” was written off-and-on over a five-year period as time – and inspiration – allowed.
What is your next book?
My second was a science fiction-based “Heaven at SETI’s Doorstep,” which involves the collaborative efforts of the SETI Institute and NASA to trace the origin of an alien signal.

Unlike the usual alien adventure story, it is serious, short and precise and has a very different type of presentation of technology, philosophy and ideology. The narrative is blended in a mix of interesting concepts for readers of all ages interested in science fiction and philosophy. I believe the story will become a very good movie one day!
Has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Yes! Of course. I wouldn't have published my books without the easy and friendly facilities provided by Smashwords. People like us must be very thankful to them.
What are your other hobbies?
I am a serious table tennis player. I played for the University team in Sri Lanka and after 30 yrs picked up the sport again and have an official ranking with USA Table Tennis association. I participate in regional tournaments and typically plays three times a week at the Strongsville Table Tennis Club in Ohio, and practices at home on days I don't go to the club.
Published 2013-08-25.
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