Interview with Boe Glasschild

All belief systems are equally valid and equally arbitrary. How can you embrace spirituality?
Spirituality is a framework for achieving spiritual balance. Other perspectives are the same as well. There is no duality of better-than or less-than, this is relative to the individual. The spirit without a fixed identity is capable of being closer to the source than those with fixed definitions. In true spiritual cosmology there is no right/wrong duality to do battle with, as both of these assumptions are arbitrary and more relative than one can imagine. The issues of right versus wrong has the tendency to create an unhealthy dynamic of right and rescue- I am right, you are wrong, so I will rescue you. The focus of spirituality is to be most appropriate for the moment, responding to the events instead of reacting.
Spirituality is not about following a rote method but becoming attuned to discovering what works for whom. What does this mean?
This means that for the awakened spirit, the pathway becomes the teacher. We are all mixtures of wisdom and foolishness, but in different percentages. The spiritual pathway merges the seeking spirit with the greatest mysteries; the consciousness becomes the connection to Great Mystery. When this merger happens, the limitations cease and abundance flows. Those of seeking spirit see Great Spirit in all and serves Great Spirit in all. When the seeker does become attuned to using the body’s equipment, the dance of life has the ability to modulate between roles of the warrior and the healer, hard power and soft power. The warrior works from the perspectives of black and white to get things done, the healer encompasses the shades between these polarities to get things done as well. Both are paths of protocol.
How does a practitioner of spirituality visualize the future of the planet?
The spiritualist per se is more focused on bringing the dreamtime into the waking moment that is experienced as one’s daily life. As the seeking spirit growths into the pathway, the spirit recognizes that the future is determined by choices and actions taken. However, in the grand scheme of things, prophesies handed down through the visionary work of the many ancestors preceding us do have an essence of validity. These words of wisdom are teachings in their own respect, somewhat like moral codes for Earth Mother. In our youth, each of us can remember stern warnings we received from our parental figures regarding our behavior. In a bigger spiritual sense, Earth Mother entrusts such guidance to various individuals throughout the many periods of time to share amongst the scattered societies populating our planet. It is divine to be aware of the concept of where the attention goes, the energy flows. So be it on the grander planetary level as well.
Published 2016-05-29.
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