Interview with CH Kelly

When did you first start writing?
When I was young I enjoyed writing poetry and lyrics. Later I wrote love letters for my friends and have always had a knack fabricating a style to meet the need in the numerous occupations I have enjoyed. It was not until my mid forties that, when I could not find a brilliant detective story to lose myself in, I wrote the novel I had always wanted to read.
Who infuenced Malcolm?
As I have said and will continue to say, I have, to the best of my knowledge, never met, interviewed or befriended a serial killer. Malcolm is who I imagine to be the proper serial killer.
Why pick on the innocent when there are so many deserving victims to be had.
What do you mean by deserving victims?
I truly enjoys sterling roses. The are so fragrant and add a touch of class to a crystal vase.
Are you avoiding the question?
I feel the answer belongs to the reader. Each of us fosters emotions tied to our experiences. I mean to allow you, or anyone that chooses to read my prose, the opportunity to empathize for the victim or to cheer the villain. Under the right circumstances the train approaching the damsel on the tracks could be a welcome end!
So you believe that murder is an acceptable hobby or occupation?
In fiction absolutely. When I murder, maim or torture in my mind or writings I have the great advantage of no remorse. In addition the numerous negative possibilities are avoided.
Such as incarceration?
Of course and also the ripple effect that is unavoidable with every violent act changing lives and even communities.
Heavy Dude.
I choose the pen over the sword, it is much more satisfying and can be more lucrative.
What is your writing process?
I start with an idea, imagine a main character and then a fun ending. At that point there is nothing to do but fill in the middle. I rarely have any idea what is going to transpire until I write it. I go into greater detail ay my website through my Blog at:
Does your website represnt you?
As an author definitely, as a person only the darkest corner.
Any final thoughts?
Thank you Smashwords for allowing indie authors, like myself, the opportunity to share our prose with the world.
Published 2013-12-14.
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