Interview with C. J. Ringstad

What's the story behind your latest book?
In many cultures, even to this day, women are not in control of their own destiny. They are bought, sold, married and ruled by their male counterparts. Sometimes the outcome can prove to be favorable. Sometimes not ...
When did you first start writing?
I first began writing as a child of about 8 years of age. My father moved our family quite frequently with the demands of his employment; and thus, I was given the rare opportunity to see much of the world at this young age. I kept a journal, at the suggestion of my father, to document such travels
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
My greatest joy in writing is the ability to connect with other people of similar interests and create a story that not only entertains but stimulates the mind and senses.
What do your fans mean to you?
A "fan" is everything to an author. Without "fans", books and any visions they may seek to convey are lost when the contents remain unread.
Who are your favorite authors?
Beverley Kendall, Kitty Margo and Rose Gordon.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Each day has the potential to be an grand adventure. Each day of your life is your own personal World Series. You can choose to sit on the bench or you can go for the home run. I prefer the latter.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Adventuring with my husband (also a writer). We may be taking a leisure ride in the country side, vacationing or running errands. Where ever I look or travel, I seek enjoyment. With a positive attitude, I've already taken the first step to accomplishing any task at hand.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I set a specific list of parameters and do a search. Over time, I refine my search to achieve a narrowed list of favorites. This information I save in a spreadsheet for future reference.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. I never published nor shared that story ... until now.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
My first story I ever read was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne. I was intrigued by the descriptions of a whole other world in the depths of our vast oceans. This entrancing tale instilled in me a need to conserve the environment in which we all easily take advantage of.
Published 2017-08-16.
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