Interview with Candy Nairovy Santana

During my yoga training, I created a meditation challenge. What are your thoughts on meditation? Do you have any tips for it? Any apps that you use? What is your style?
I have been meditating for about five years now, but the meditations I do vary with the seasons. I briefly touched on it in my book, but I didn’t want to give too much insight because everyone's experience is different. Meditation is something you must play around with. You have to figure out what is best for you. It’s always changing because we’re always changing. That being said, some of my favorites on youtube are Honest Guys and Hay House, but there are days where I don’t want to listen to anything and meditate focusing on my breath. It truly all depends on what type of mood I’m in and what I need for that day. To say the least, I meditate every morning anywhere from 20-45 minutes. Meditation helps you get present with who you truly are.
What would you tell your younger self that didn’t have the same understanding you have now?
Oh, goodness. I would tell my younger self just to relax. Slow down. There is no rush. Everything happens perfectly. To follow my heart because it is never too late to start over. To know that the drama we create in our minds is what causes us more heartache, not the setback itself. To have family and friends around you that support you and believe in you. Most importantly, believe in yourself, in miracles and to always be grateful.
I know self-help is so important in your everyday life, maybe you can give some examples of how it has correlated into your acting and writing?
That is a very good question. I would have to say writing this book gave me confidence in myself, my acting and belief in my dream. It gave me insight into what I would receive in my life. As an actress, I believe it’s essential to have another form of expression to help my craft. It’s a testament to my creativity. As artists and as people, we tell stories to help people feel inspired and motivated. As for my writing, I wrote the book in two days. I set my intention before going to do it and wrote for six hours each day. I truly could have finished it in one day, but I gave myself a break and continued the next day. When you’re inspired, and it speaking from the heart, creativity flows so easily. When you’re following yourself, it is pure bliss, and you honestly surprise yourself. Like, did I just write that?! You have to get real with yourself: “Say, what is it that I want t express to the world" Learn to believe that we create our lives. Create the opportunities for yourself. I went out there to deliver a message. I don’t care if I get it right. I wanted to take a stand for artists and the stereotypes.
Any final advice you want your reader to take away from your book?
As you are creating the life of your dreams, allow your heart to guide you and faith give you the strength to keep going. Take it one step at a time. When you’re going through hard times, maintain your positivity and optimism. Trust me; we are never missing out. Downtime allows you to examine and learn things about yourself. Become very excited for how things will work out in your favor. Say, “I am grateful that my dream is manifesting as I follow my heart.”

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Published 2017-07-14.
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The Manifester's Journey: How to Purposely Create the Life You Desire
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In her first book, Candy Nairovy Santana teaches readers methods that can easily be applied to their lives to help them manifest their dreams. Readers will learn how to create a life of purpose and freedom. Follow the methods provided in the book and watch as your life unfolds in perfect harmony with your dreams.