Interview with Carmine A Blanche, Jr

Published 2014-12-25.
What do you read for pleasure?
I read almost everything, but love science fact and history. Those can lead to so many new ideas for writing.
Describe your desk
Wherever I happen to find myself at the time I am writing. Sometimes it has been a table in a bar with a notepad (the old fashioned kind that requires a pen), other times it has been on the sofa in my house, while I am drinking a beer. Most interesting time was in a strip club at a side table. The inspiration hit me and I started working on a story there, the amusing part of that is when one of the girls that had been working the floor was off, she came over and sat with me to see what I was working on. That started a pretty nice friendship (non-sexual, not for lack of trying on my part.)
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Personal growth.

Yeah... it may sound strange, but through the creation of each of my stories, I discover something new about myself. For example, I have learned through my first two stories that I have a much kinkier side than I ever thought. This translated into my trying new things and that lead to the start of yet more stories. Oddly enough, I have become more confident in myself and my sexuality through writing in this genre. And when I share my story with someone, and they tell me something like, "My wife and I read this and it lead to the most incredible sex that night", then I know that not only is the writing working for me, it works for others.
What do your fans mean to you?
This is a silly question. Fans are everything, aren't they? No Fans, No Business... plain and simple. I write for them, they read for me and help me see where to go next.
Why Erotica?
Why Not? It is a great genre and one that if done well, can make people happy, happier in some cases that regular fiction. You read a Stephen King novel and they are fun, strong and have a good story. Personally I love his work, but you are not going to go out and fight vampires, survive in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas or have to work about your neighbor's daughter setting you aflame with a glance.

With my work, and the genre, in most cases reading it will put you in a mood to try things with your partner that you might not have otherwise tried. It can lead to stronger intimacy and maybe help with your relationships. Not saying that reading erotica is the sure to a sexually stagnant life, but it sure beats watching Dr. Phil.
What is your inspiration ?
I am no Don Juan, but I have lead a sexually active life. I have seen a few things in my life and thought about many others that I may be trying soon. I do not believe that sexuality should be sequestered to the bedroom or the back-isles of the book store. It is part of who we are. My inspiration is to share my experiences and fantasies with others, to be another one of the people that work in this genre that want to break down the stigma attached to it.
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