Interview with Chevoque

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Wanting to bring a change to the world. Big or small. Whether it is to truly change something big or if it is to just lift up a person's spirit. I try taking on each day with enthusiasm, even tough I am quite a pessimist most of the time.
What is your writing process?
Focussing on getting the basic storyline down on paper (I am extremely forgetful). So basically, I write everything down onto memo notes, that usually clutter my walls and notebooks, before I start researching facts. I truly believe in giving my stories a more realistic feel, with facts that check out and that allows the reader to step into this this world, where there's almost a familiarity.
Describe your desk
Cluster fudge!
I have a LCD screen on my desk that is linked to my PC and PS3 (it sometimes needs to stand on the desk). The keyboard and mouse of the PC are never in the same place, because I love memo notes, so they are all just scattered over the desk. There is always a box of biscuit or a pack of sweeties nearby and an empty glass or cup. And if there is still space on the day you might find a reference book. (I love doing research from encyclopaedias based on my current book)
What's the story behind your latest book?
There are numerous at the moment.
I'm still working on an anthology horror book.
I decided to do a holiday theme series/collection, called Like You and so far there are three books in this selection.
I'm working on the enormous task of figuring out which of my Unnaturals to feature in the third and fourth part of Unnatural (R)evolution.
And I am mostly just getting excited for the release of The Hunter and Little Fox.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Letting go of my 'hectic' life outside the book and getting immersed into the world I create. Falling in love with my characters and getting lost in their emotions. Also getting to the end of a book, realising I am done and soon people would hopefully love the book just as much as I do.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Seeing if I can use my BSc. Botany and Zoology degree, volunteering at local animal shelters, playing PS games and marathon watching series or movies.
Basically still being a student, while still trying to find some time to sleep.
How do you approach cover design?
I try finding something special/unique to my story.
I prefer not making it specific to the erotica genre with the teasing pictures, because to me it takes away from the mystery of love sometimes. I feel an object or location creates the illusion of stepping into the world the author wants the reader in, even before the story starts. Or even making the reader want to find the object on the cover's relation with the story.
When did you first start writing?
I remember I was 8 when I started writing songs and poems. It was only at about 16 though that I began scribbling down notes and plotlines (some complete) for romance novels. As I grew older and discovered erotica books later, I found a great love of the truthfulness in them compared to classical romance novels. But, it was at 19, that I truly began putting pen to paper to write erotic romance stories. After I began writing them down, the ideas just kept coming to my mind and I now sit with about 50 stories that all just need a bit of tlc, then I can hopefully publish them.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
My insatiable obsession with writing. I really don't care much for the money, even though it does aid the costs of editing, cover art, etc., but I just like to be able to share my secret desires. I also enjoy knowing that I am in control of it all, since I am a bit of a control freak, and this makes it a great option for me.
What do your fans mean to you?

I've received a few awesome feedbacks from people who enjoy my work and it really does encourage an author. Being indie, does make it more of an arena with lions and tigers attacking you from all sides with criticism, compared to a mere single combat when you work with a publishing house where the market is already set for your work.
But, fans really are the people who allow me, personally, to follow my dream in sharing all my stories and for that simple reason - excuse the cliché - I won't be able to do it without all their feedback (good and bad), encouragement and support.
I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my books and I honestly love those dearly who give reviews as that gives you a better of a chance in the endless struggle of finding your voice.
Acquiesce seems like just another 'Fifty'. What is the real inspiration behind it?
Well, like a dear friend once said; 'Fifty is just fan fiction that was nicely interpreted into a new story.'
But I do like the Fifty series and won't ever shoot down any author.

Acquiesce (Book One of Sparks and Sparrows) is actually an idea I got inspiration for from a 'Smallville' episode. Weird, but there was this particular episode about Lex having 'indiscretions' with a few women and he gave them earrings as a sort of parting gift afterwards and the idea always stuck. Only in Requisite (Book Two of Sparks and Sparrows) more of that would be revealed, since book one was focused on the relationship between Lenka and Malcom.

As for similarities with 'Fifty' (which is definitely a favourite series) it is just an inevitability. One of the biggest fantasies of most, (mine started with Cinderella) is to be swooped away by a person who can take care of you and that is really all Sparks and Sparrows is about. Especially considering that most of it is based on my own life. Just giving my account of an age-old tale about finding your prince/princess and getting a happily ever after.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I think it would have to be the Kindle app on my iPad.
Though I don't mind using a Kindle device or other apps. BUT...the iPad provides the light which allows me to read for much longer and you don't struggle with light angles as with books. I also am a bit of a tree hugger so not using printed books feels like you are helping the environment no matter the device being used. And my favourite and biggest reason why I prefer the Kindle app is because you are able to do immediate online searches for songs mentioned - which I love because listening to the song while reading the section in the book where it is mentioned just gives you something extra to experience.
Your Historical Romance books seem a bit harsh. Have you ever thought of rewrites on them?
Not at all. I want them to show that the world was cruel (is still). I don't believe in censorship, because the world isn't all about falling in love and happily ever afters. With all my books I make it a mission to add some real issues; abuse, discrimination, etc. I want to keep the reality in the book, while still showing that there is always hope even if your journey might be a bumpy one.
As I had wrote in Acquiesce (Sparks and Sparrows), 'Nothing in life could be perfect and they would always be like exciting songs, but not without minors.' Many people struggled to understand this musical reference, but as a music addict I found this held great meaning as to how life is and I'm sticking with it.
About High Priestess of Pleasure, your first book, what about yourself did you add to the main character (Nafrini) and what personal experiences did you add to influence the character's story?
The main thing I felt I needed to add to Nafrini was uncertainty over what the future held, but not without courage and hope. As it was my first book, I felt it represented the uncertainty I experienced, while still giving myself to the world in the figurative sense, but having the courage to do so and hoping I would 'make it' in the end.
The same goes for the personal experience I had added. We all take on new challenges in life without knowing where it might lead as the power is not in our hands and we become the slaves in our own worlds of doubt. By fighting your own demons and finding that you are capable of much more, you begin to see yourself as more worthy and that was what Nafrini found in her love for Khaldun.
Why did you decide to write Erotic Romance books specifically?
I love the genre immensely, as I hated reading a Romance novel that inevitably got to the 'and one thing lead to another...' scene that would leave you wondering what 'it' lead to. Did they have sex? Did they just make-out? Or did they go to sleep?
No joke, I read a book once and to this day I still have no idea what the characters actually did as the scene ended in the lounge. (In my mind many things could have happened and I want to know about them.)
I also think that the world still see Erotic Romance (especially in South Africa) as a taboo genre or as it just being porn. There might be a lot of great authors known in this genre, but many people you meet on a day to day basis draw their noses up at the mention of it. I am still sometimes reluctant to say I write Erotic Romance as I'm afraid of how people would react. But while I still want to explore other genres, Erotica/Erotic Romance is where my heart lies as I want people to see that it is not less worthy than any other genre. (PS. I think the haters are just jealous they don't get to do the research)
'Acquiesce: Book One of Sparks and Sparrows' has a lot of sex in, causing it to border the stereotype that Erotic Romance is porn. You are fighting to prove that it is not, so isn't this contradicting that goal?
I had a purpose with the 'Sparks and Sparrows' duology to make the sex redundant, not pornographic. I wanted to give the readers enough sex scenes as I, as a reader, sometimes feel they lack in Erotic Romance books. Sex is beautiful and how you perceive it is just a person's personal view. I never intended it to be as redundant as it is, but when taking the characters and the story as a whole in consideration; sex was what brought them together, sex was what made them see where their problems festered and sex was what helped them find their freedom from their personal demons. As it developed, it became love and thus once again it shows how love and sex in a romantic relationship are the core elements of helping a relationship stay strong and help it grow.
Also, as most people I know - myself included - like to read only a few chapters an evening, the idea was for a developing love story to take place, while not causing you to feel that there is a lack of sex scenes in what is a honest take on how this specific relationship would need to grow. Without spoilers, this book requires this overload of sex, because; Malcom needs sex to process things, so this is fitting with such a character. While Lenka on the other hand needs to learn that sex is not just about giving and that she doesn't need to fear it as much as she has.
All in all, I think with these books (and all my others), you either see it as porn or as a beautiful love story, based on how comfortable you personally are about sexuality and sexual expression. I for one, stand with the opinion that Erotic Romance isn't porn when it has a purpose to show love in its most honest and purest form.
Published 2015-10-19.
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