Interview with Mike Hazell

When did you first start writing?
Years ago. Whilst in primary school I wrote a one page story and presented it to the class in "Show & Tell". It was a simple story of a captain and his ship.

In secondary school I began writing more contemporary fiction with abstract plots and characters, all diverse in their own way. Most of the stories I wrote never exceeded five chapters. The characters, however or indeed the base personalities of them, would stay with me for future projects.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Travis Addison is a new an upcoming member of an underground civilisation of "world jumpers." These people have obtained the ability to travel across the void between the diverging world lines openly and freely. By the time the story begins, a war has divided these world jumpers that began due to differing ideology on how to govern/keep themselves away from being known or discovered, as well as the way they treat the world lines they so encouragingly find and conquer.

Now, as the story opens, someone is emerging as a new foe that threatens the balance once more, a month after the war has seemingly ended.

The book follows three characters, including Travis and how they deal with situations and potential threats:
Wanting the past to define who you are or can be in the future, not letting yourself change.
Dealing with present situations in a calm and efficient manner.
Preparing for future troubles by questioning/second-guessing yourself, limiting your potential.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The simple freedom of creating an entire universe, with seemingly real characters.
Published 2014-10-20.
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