Interview with Cuger Brant

What's the story behind your latest book Four Hundred ppm?
Being a trilogy on the subject of global warming and human nature, it sends the same message as 'End Game' and 'In Denial', but from a somewhat futuristic perspective and delves back and forth in time.
Analysis of numerous papers on the projections of global warming offer a stark and unremitting assessment of the climate change challenge facing the global community.
Moreover, the impacts associated with 2◦C have been revised upwards so that 2◦C now more appropriately represents the threshold between dangerous and extremely dangerous climate change. Consequently, with global emissions returning to their earlier levels of growth 2015 represents the tipping point.
Given the view that reductions in emissions are not compatible with economic growth, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) are, in effect, conceding that avoiding dangerous (and even extremely dangerous) climate change is no longer compatible with economic prosperity. But common sense dictated that we knew this all along, as what government would insist on economic suicide?
Our hopeful (though ultimately ineffective) save the planet, climate summits are good for publicity, but as the inevitable procrastination's set in, they have in effect, brought us one step forward and two steps backwards.
Ask yourself; what about of these tidal surges, floods, super hurricanes and arctic vertex changes etc. are they just ‘freak’ weather conditions or a precursor of what is to come? Well, if you wear rose tinted glasses, they are the former, and today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper, however, if you are more scientifically minded, you will know, the inevitable is catching up with us fast!
What do you think of climate change skeptics or deniers?
The fact that people around the world have engaged in so little response to climate change is that they believe that everything is fine. Although all know the facts, most do not think climate change is happening; believe that their governments will take care of things; or that international agreements on emissions reductions will be effective. This perspective could be a variation of; climate change scepticism, blind faith in government or blind faith in our ability to produce a technological cure.

Now you can talk of the psychological reasoning for this until the cows come home or save yourself time by equating it all to the same thought process (or denial) of our ultimate demise at the end of our personal life spans. In truth it is a sense of knowing and not knowing, of having information but not thinking about it!

Ask yourself; how often do you think of death? Do you live your life as a consequence of your ultimate demise? Are you keeping yourself in optimal health, do not drink, smoke, eat too much? Well, do not bother to answer, because like you, we all feel guilty but, we all still have our ‘bad’ habits and to hell with a few more weeks months years of prolonged life. Now take that a stage further (attitude to climate change) and you have the answer to climate change denial!

I am not about to cross the t’s or dot the I’s, but only to remind you; there is just one singular, ‘mother of all’ global warming/climate change charts. It shows carbon emissions from human activity from the use of fossil fuel. It starts from zero from about a hundred and fifty years ago and continues to rise on a line of 45 degrees! There is going to be an inevitable consequence of this coming our way, and you, cannot pretend you did not know!
The path of tomorrow is determined by the one we take today and at the moment we are walking, wide eyed, on a very rocky path towards the unknown effects of irredeemable climate change, ready to blindly throw ourselves into the abyss. In front, walks a band called ‘Climate Summit’ which is playing a never-ending tune requested by big business. However, in that abyss, a severe, pervasive and irreversible impact on the planet and consequently humanity, awaits!
Why are people fed up with the subject of Climate Change?
To most, Climate Change is a reality, for others, it is just a myth. The subject of Climate Change is akin to the tide on the sea shore, rising and receding with monotonous regularity and, every now and again, a ‘spring tide’ of concern, due to a revelation or two, will raise people’s guilt or worries for a moment, until all dissipates, quietly, silently, according to the political currents of the day. It is commonly known as having free will, it gives you the ability to choose as you please, unfortunately, possessing free will is no guarantee of possessing common sense.
Are your books pure fantasy?
Absolutely not. They are, what I believe, could be in our future; from a pandemic to a terrorist attack, from playing God with genetically modified organism, to a failure of our modern technology on which our society increasingly relies upon. Mark my words, sooner than later, one will become a 'Self-fulfilling' prophesy.
A note for readers.
In some instances my spelling may conflict with American English and British English for example; Lorry -Truck; Chemist -Drug store; Lift -Elevator etc. For this I apologise, but it is not too different to understand. Just remember, from where I’m standing; over there, is over here!
Published 2016-03-08.
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