Interview with Cyryn Fyrcyd

What is Cy Lantyca?
Cy Lantyca is a true inspirational crux of a spiritual being.
An ancient B.C. culture.
An undeniable divinity.
A passion for those who surround us, and the colossal essence of Mother Nature.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I am usually at my easel, or creating something in my tiny studio. Or simply outside enjoying Mother Nature, which I absolutely love!
Are you personally writing about yourself in your book?
Absolutely! The way I speak and act on a daily basis is all authored. Even my fears and phobias, which was extremely hard for me to write.
What are you working on next?
Now that Cy Lantyca, Cy Lantyca CCM & Cy Lantyca Dawning is finished, I am taking a little time for myself.
Then hitting a colossal strike with the final book Cy Lantyca Cyn Atyca, which is going to be a brutal smack to human morality.
Then, I will be introducing another fun tale of children's books, using the characters from Cy Lantyca.
What is your writing process?
Either sitting at my desk or laying on my bed, listening to Blackmill or some type of melodic dub-step, with incense to harness the natural spiritual journey I so love much.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Knowing the fact that it is another beautiful day ahead of me, and enjoying it on my front porch with a coffee in hand watching the birds eat their morning breakfast I leave for them.
What are some of the major influences in your story?
The influences.. Wow! There is a lot.
Music definitely is right up there, for I feel music is a natural source of life. It amplifies an euphoric feeling to a point of an adrenalizing high, that so little words can describe.
My daughter is a solid one as well, who has re-educated me in so much.
It may sound odd, but Jason Statham was a key element within it as well.
Knowing the fact, that I have personally created every artifact mentioned within Cy Lantyca.
You mention a lot about instincts and acting upon them, do you personally do so?
Yes, indeed. Subconsciously we already know the answer, but a lot of people rely on facts and what is in front of them. I merely grasp the moment by identifying certain keys elements in front of me. Like it states in Cy Lantyca, we answer with logic, respect and to the point: but also rely on the atmosphere of people who we are engaged with.
I've noticed there is several different underlining motives throughout Cy Lantyca, I assume there is a reason.
Very Much! Cy Lantyca is about emotions that readers can relate too, even on a day-to-day basis. It's not just about fantasy, it is about so much more.
It's all there! Pure raw emotion.
If a fan was to come to you, and express an inspirational/painful moment with you. What would you do?
No matter what it is, a huge hug is coming first. (If in person)
On Line or Media, I always try to respond as quick as possible.
I want to interact with everyone as much as possible to show my appreciation.
Published 2018-08-04.
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