Interview with Dani Silence

What motivated you to become an author?
i had always dabbled around with writing, as young as the age of seven. i would share it with my parents and they would help me revise what i had written. when i was about ten, some of my other friends got into writing, and we sort of started what i guess would be called a writers club; where we would read each others stuff and critique it. the better i got, the more motivated i was to continue writing.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
being able to create my own little world. when i've had a bad day, i sort of get to escape into my character's world when i write. i get attached to the characters because i have to put myself in their shoes a lot of the time, also. so in a way, i also get to be someone else in some way.
another joy of writing is being able to take my experiences and sprinkle them into my story, giving it more of a personal feel.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
yes, it was about this girl named Lily who never got to know her father because he left her mother before she was born. by the time she was fifteen, her father had become a criminal and was imprisoned for a murder. when he found out that Lily's mother had turned him in, he swore to get revenge on her. it wasn't all that good, i couldnt seem to stay to the main plot, because i was afraid of killing off any characters. the story started off as a suspense story but turned into more of a love story, putting the focus on Lily and her two love interests. i know its bad, like really bad, but im proud of it because it was the first story i actually finished.
What do you read for pleasure?
The Host by Stephenie Meyer. her character development in the book is just so well built. and no matter how many times i read the book, i always fall in love with the characters again. It's just a well written book.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
i grew up moving from place to place when i was real young. i had a single mother and a father that just wasn't really ever there. I've lived in different neighborhoods and different cities, all of them had their own atmosphere and character to it. i had to learn to adapt, and i suppose it influences my writing by helping me accept when a certain thing isn't going to work. it helps me be able to move on quickly and try to write what i was working on differently. it also gives me a perspective when writing about changes my characters will have to face, helps me to understand their hardships and the choices they have to make.
What do your fans mean to you?
they mean everything to me. i would have given up on writing long ago if it weren't for all of the people on Wattpad that responded to my writing with positive encouragement. i don't think that many people can understand how much they mean to me, and i try to remind them that i appreciate them as often as i can.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
well, im still a High School student, so i spend a lot of my time studying. i also socialize with my friends as most people my age do. im also a member of my marching band's Color Guard, so im quite busy in the summer and fall. music is also a big part of my life, so i attend concerts as often as my bank account will allow.
What is your writing process?
i usually start out by turning on some music, usually 2Cellos, then just go somewhere quiet and write. usually half way through writing something i get writers block, and that's usually when i get a healthy snack like an apple or something. after that its usually easy for me to focus. i just type whatever flows through my head and then later go back and edit out the stuff i don't want in there anymore.
what else has influenced your stories?
Music is a big thing that influences my writing. im some what of an oddity when it comes to this. I enjoy punk/rock bands and instrumental music quite a bit. Therefore, my characters tend to have that in common with me, or a similar style to me (ie. dyes hair a lot, wears skinny jeans, goes to rock concerts, etc.).
To be honest, everything i've done in my life has given me a certain view on different things. I wasnt ever very popular (still is true), so my characters usually follow suit. my main characters are usually young girls, wallflowers, who later bloom into these (some what) more confident young women. i myself am a bit of a wallflower, so i know how to portray them quite well.
how has being a young writer affected you?
people dont take me seriously. even my mom doesnt take me seriously when i say i want to become a writer. but it just makes me want it even more, to prove everyone wrong. of course i also have some people in my life who are big supporters of my dream, among them are my three best friends and my cousin.
another thing that has affected me by being a young writer is that i see the world a bit differently than most people my age, and im more mature in some ways.
guilty pleasures?
milk. if i could have a mini frige in my room, it would have two gallons of milk in it at all times. i honestly dont know why i love milk so much, maybe its because everyone else in my family is either lactose intolerant or just don't like milk.
Published 2014-02-16.
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