Interview with DC West

Why do you write, and who do you write for?
Everybody on the planet needs a purpose, otherwise they find themselves just drifting through life and hoping for things to happen. I found my purpose - and it's to help people live a full, happy and successful life. The best way I can do that, is to write my books and get as many people as possible to read them. Writing also serves another purpose for me, which is to become location independent and work from anywhere in the world.

Who do I write for? - I write for people who have a need to improve something in their own lives. Whether it's their career, marriage, health, relationships or anything that will make their life better.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I'm 53 years old - and ten years ago I discovered that I could create my own reality by simply using what I've always had, but never understood - My mind.

I know without any doubt, that every day, when I wake up I have the power to plant the seeds of any experience I wish to have and then watch it manifest into a reality. This inspires me so much, and gets me so excited every day that I cannot believe it took me over 40 years to discover it.

I never write a book without first contemplating how and why is will benefit my reader, so they too can live a rich, full life like I do.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Well, there are several things besides writing that I absolutely love doing: I have two beautiful grandsons who visit my wife and I every Thursday, and it's the highlight of our day. My body is important to me, because it's the only one I have - so I go to the gym four times per week for a workout.

I'm fortunate enough to live a short distance form some beautiful beaches, and take every opportunity I get to spend time swimming in the ocean, or just sitting and watching the people enjoying their lives on the beach. Besides these things, I spend a fair amount of my time learning more about the mind, body and spirit. Meditating, visualising, and creating my days is an important component of every morning.

One of the best quotes I ever heard was this: "This is not a practice round". I know that time stands still for nobody, and I'm determined to squeeze every bit of fun out of this one life I've been given.
What is your writing process?
Before I write a single word, I spend ages researching the subject. Non-fiction cannot and should not ever be guess work in my opinion. Only when I'm certain I have enough information to offer my readers, so they will improve their lives through reading my book, will I begin putting pen to paper - so to speak.

I try to write something every day if I can. Whether it's another chapter of a book, or perhaps a blog post. Either way, I never write until I've put myself into the right state of mind. I do that through my visualising and meditating, which are also regular rituals in my daily life.
What are you working on next?
Based on my current series of "Rule" books, which cover everything from how to find a new job, to successful time management in the workplace, and boosting your career - I'm now busy with the final stages of my fourth book in the series "Interview Rule Book", which is going to be a great help to anybody wanting to ace their job interviews, and land their dream job.

The plan is to make it a five-book series, ending with a book that covers the importance of having a healthy body and mind if you truly want to succeed in the workplace.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
My iPad Mini - I love it
Published 2016-12-01.
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