Interview with David Goeb

What is your writing process?
--Interview With A Madman--
Scene: Sound stage, black curtain, two chairs, and a prop bookshelf. Seated, David Goeb wearing denim slacks, plaid shirt and a dark brown floppy hat. Across from him, a white toothed young man in a suit, with no tie.
[Camera tight in on young man interviewing]
Young Man: Good evening, and welcome to; "Books Around Downtown: Saturday Halftime Interviews Tonight"
[Recorded applause, pan wide, title rolls, and close on both]
YM: We are pleased to have with us, David Goeb. Good evening.
David Goeb: Howdy.
YM: Let's begin by asking what drew you to becoming an author?
DG: Nothing, I'm not an author.
[Young man pauses in confusion and looks offstage for a glance before starting again]
YM: A strange answer. You say you are not an author?
DG: Correct, I am a sculptor.
[Pause repeats with longer glance offside before asking slowly]
YM: You have written books, novellas, and short stories, correct?
DG: If you say so. Most people would disagree, strongly, with that.
YM: What?
[David raises an eyebrow and leans back a little]
DG: You have seen the movie Pulp Fiction, right?
[Young man catches himself from looking off camera and slowly replies]
YM: Yes.
DG: Good, good. Continue.
[Young man pauses and fails in an attempt to not look at his director offside, he looks back quickly, as though bitten by a snake]
YM: Right, I see, I think. Why would they disagree?
DG: I can't write, never could, and I don't see any reason to start now. Most folks can see that, and get that point fairly quickly when they read what I have created.
YM: Is that self-depreciation of your work?
DG: Nope, I am proud of my work. And I enjoy what I do, some people do too, but some are less enthusiastic. Most, actually.
YM: Are you saying your books and stories are badly written?
DG: Not at all, as I did not write them. I hewed them out of solid rock.
YM: What?
[Camera goes black at the sound of a gunshot, superimposed title "ONE MOMENT PLEASE", picture returns with a middle-aged man, in the same kind of suit, seated across from David]
Middle-aged Man: We're back, and speaking with David Goeb. Good evening.
DG: Howdy.
MM: Let's ask a popular question. What is the best book or story ever written, in your opinion?
DG: Without a doubt, Riders Of The Purple Sage, it has to be the best and most important tale ever written in the English language.
[Middle-aged man pauses in confusion and looks offstage, for a glance, before starting again]
MM: A western? You are more often thought of as a fantasy author.
DG: Ol' Zane was one too. Genre fiction, by its nature, is fantasy.
[Middle-aged man brightens at the reply, as it seems to be something about literature]
MM: Interesting. What do you see in it to make that statement?
[With a small smirk David replies]
DG: It is the best fantasy tragedy ever created. No other story has as much weight in that department.
MM: More than, say, King Lear?
DG: Lear is not in the same league, there is only the one tragedy in it. A king, important, yes, but not enough. Tragedy needs an unrelenting dismal tone and a complete array of grief to be truly an epic tragedy. Henri Bergson pointed that out. 'Lear' is a condiment, where 'Riders' is the full meal.
MM: Full meal?
DG: Yes, every character in it is utterly doomed and it never stops, from first to last, before and beyond.
MM: I'm not sure I see. Good triumphs over evil in the end of that story.
DG: No, you might think so, but one pair is trapped in a gully and the other pair is loaded with gold, heading towards the big city. It's off page, but neither couple will see anything but more misfortune, the younger's fate is the worst go. Those two young idiots headed for the coast, a place filled with burgeoning industrial robber barons and cities packed with people harder, and more desperate, than some ignorant cattle-punchers from an empty desert could ever face down. The masked-rider riddled with syphilis, mind bent on cheap gin, and her deranged pimp stuck in a one-room walk-up above Hop Sow's Chinese Laundry would be the best result they could expect.
MM: What?
[Camera goes black at the sound of a gunshot, superimposed title "ONE MOMENT PLEASE", picture returns with an older-aged man, same kind of suit, seated in a bullet-proof glass booth]
OM: Good evening, we are back with Mr. Goeb.
DG: Howdy, but it won't work.
[Old man opens his mouth, about to say 'what?', but he stops and starts again]
OM: Pardon?
DG: Nice save, you're learning. Shall we continue?
OM: Yes, or no, no, no. Let's ask a new question, if I may?
DG: Fill your boots. Or booth, both will be soon enough.
[Older-aged man opens his mouth, about to say 'what?', but again stops and starts again]
OM: You mentioned genre fiction, and science-fiction seems to be a reoccurring theme in many of your stories. Is it fantasy, to you?
DG: Very much so, it might be said to be the highest form of fantasy.
OM: As in space, up above, a literal interpretation?
DG: More allegorical, science-fiction tends to narrow a story down to its key message.
OM: In what way?
[David smirks a look at the camera, and then turns his gaze back to answer]
DG: Science is not fiction, not in a real way. To make it fiction takes effort. That effort usually absorbs all the room in a tale to do more than shadow-puppetry.
[Older-aged man is shocked and incredulous]
OM: You see science-fiction as puppetry?
DG: Yes, exactly so. Murder mysteries and horror could be the opposite end there. As most of those rely on a world and framework already established. Like historical novels do, the time and place can be created by simply saying, 'Los Angeles 1888' or 'Paris 1675', bang you're there and the reader is too. Easy as pie. Ess-eff, on the other hand, needs an explanation, which takes some time and many words to accomplish.
OM: World-Building. Could not Tolkien be said to have done that?
DG: People do say it, but it is wrong. Tolkien did not invent a thing, he bent existing themes into something that might be thought of as unique, and as a newly created thing. Yet, absolutely none of it was new in any way at all. By design, and his point. He did not build a fantasy world, he just pushed bits of our history around to fit a pattern that was rich enough to blur his foot-work.
OM: What?
[Older-aged man suddenly looks around in panic, then nods and smiles to himself, when notices he is in a glass booth]
DG: You might wish to check your belly.
OM: Not going to say it. Why?
DG: You're bleeding.
[Older-aged man looks down and notices that he is indeed bleeding from having been shot in the abdomen]
OM: How the hell did that happen?
DG: Simple thing to do. You were shot before you were put into the booth.
OM: That does not make sense, things don't work like that.
DG: Sure they do; time-travel, mystic-gunfighters, space-weaponry, or even wizards. Plenty of methods. Any guesses as to which one I used?
OM: Urk!
[Camera goes black, superimposed title "ONE MOMENT PLEASE"]
Published 2013-11-25.
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