Interview with David Papa-Adams

What made you want to write?
I believe it is important to inspire people. There is too much negativity in a world where many discourage instead of encourage others. And when people do this it inhibits and stunts another individuals potential. I say if you truly believe in yourself then you can achieve great results. People should not be frightened to see others succeed, but be inspired by them, using their accomplishments as a springboard for their own successes.
What's the story behind your latest book?
The latest novel : Achil & The Dragon Lord of Osgaroth was written to promote in people the thought that our actions are more often than not dictated to by the many social groups we interact with. These influences affect our lives and can blind us to the wrongs we do within them. In each of us is a social memory that directs our social behaviour; it is the voice within our heads that we believe belongs to us, but it is a voice made up from external influences that we then internalise. Imagine if you had more than one brain; you have your own, the brain of your social group, and the greater brain of the world around you, your government, the media etc. all trying to influence your behaviour, with so many influences hitting your senses at once how can you be sure what decision is truly yours, and what decision is not? The idea behind the book and all my books is to inspire and empower people so that they realise the influences that have restricted them in their lives, and that those influences are brief interludes to a better and brighter future that they only need reach out to and embrace.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
To reach out to people and take them on an adventure with real depth to it; that they find enjoyable, magical and enthralling so that when they come back from it, they are left wanting more.
Name one person in History that you would have liked to have met?
Heron of Alexandria, he developed a steam engine device 2000 years before the industrial revolution began, and I would have liked to have asked him since he understood its potential, what prevented him from developing it?
Who are your favorite authors?
I enjoyed reading J. R. R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings: to build a new world which can come to life on the page is an incredible feat of empathy, understanding and imagination. Plays by William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Henry V, and Macbeth are just a few I can mention, What he wrote captured the condition of man and shows the many sides of the human form: greed, jealousy, courage, steadfastness, narcissism, paranoia, delusion, obsession and hope.
What made you want to be a writer?
I wanted a forum for my voice and I felt there was a need to express compassion, love, hope and empathy and my novels though exciting and fast moving are about redemption, self-sacrifice, forgiveness and absolution. They are fables for all times, as the Human Condition rarely deviates. The same stories that afflict us today are the ones that afflicted us thousands of years ago, and can be seen in Cain versus Abel, the Book of Job, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Homers Iliad, to name but a few. I consider the duality and duplicity of people, and their heroism and courage to overcome and defy overwhelming odds. There are the usual ingredients found in every society that of battling greed, jealousy, and callousness. But the overriding theme is that of hope and kinship.
What was a defining moment in your life?
When I went for my first careers interview at school, the interviewer asked me what sort of job would I like to have done? To which I responded; she then answered with 'Don't you think you'd be better off in a factory.' I was horrified that someone could be so blasé with my future. But such an attitude has pursued many others throughout their lives. We still have the same prejudices and bigotries today as when I first walked into that careers interview. You get a job not because of what you know, but because of who you know. It is the same with gaining the right education, and with receiving the correct healthcare and it is for this reason we do not have the politics of morality. We still do not live in a meritocracy and those that believe we do are blind to the different types of environment people grow up in, and the education and tutelage they receive. We still have systems and the symptoms that keep people in poverty and place unnecessary stresses on their lives. And those that are born to receive the benefits of life do not see the very real burdens that those less fortunate carry; the isolation and inner torment they feel from a less than loving background and society. And consequently the less fortunate are treated with less understanding as they are thought to be less capable; and they are often looked down upon with arrogance and contempt, when the truth is: theirs is the potential that is yet to be fully realised, and once it is allowed to blossom, it will light up the world.
Published 2014-06-20.
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