Interview with Dean Cassady

What drew you initially to erotica as a reader, now writer?
I was first introduced to erotica in my early teens, when I came across an erotic novel hidden in my dad’s closet. To be honest, I think the attraction to the erotic novel was that it was a window to sex, and when I was growing up, the Internet wasn’t a thing yet, which meant that access to porn was limited for teenagers. Erotic literature was alluring because it was more than just sex, it gave me a window into the characters’ minds, their turn-ons, their hang-ups, all of it.

But I was always a reader. As a child I devoured books, anything from fantasy fiction to mysteries. When I got older, I enjoyed erotica because the stories made an effort to develop characters. Good fiction has the power to bring the reader into the author’s world, and that allows the reader to see the world through the character’s eyes. That’s something I try to work on in my books. Don’t get me wrong, vivid descriptions of sex are a must, but I take a bit of time to help create the characters. I believe that if the reader can empathize with the characters, they are more vested, and when they eventually get to the gratuitous sex, it is a more satisfying read.
Your first published story is an interracial erotica work about an affair between an older white woman and a younger black male. Was there a particular reason you chose this genre, and this setup between the characters?
Well, the main character, Kenneth, is drawn from a real person on my high school varsity basketball team (though I changed his name). My teammate was something of an athletic specimen who probably could have played in the NBA if he devoted more time to basketball and less time to the distractions that came with being a teenage superstar. He also had a reputation for being well endowed, and while I never saw it in all of its glory, I did glance down in the locker room and can verify that even flaccid, it was enormous. He was the first black guy I ever saw naked, and I must admit, I was impressed. Years later, when I was exposed to interracial porn on the web, all I could think about was my old high school teammate. I have been a fan of the genre ever since.

I also love the appeal of the older woman, younger man story. I think I speak for a lot of men who fantasized about an ex-teacher, neighbor or family friend who seemed to have an allure, a sex appeal that certain older women seem to carry with them. I also think older women understand their sexuality better and are more confident in pursuing what they want. In my early twenties, I had the distinct pleasure of being seduced by an older woman, and I marveled at how she seemed to take what she wanted from our sexual relationship. It’s not something I would want on a regular basis, but I loved that confidence, and I still enjoy the appeal.

For what it’s worth, I have noticed an uptick in teacher-student relationships on the news lately. I don’t know if it’s because the media runs titillating stories for ratings or if this kind of thing is becoming more common, but it’s certainly out there. I wonder if this is a case of life imitating art or the reverse. Either way, I find it pretty hot (so long as everyone is a consenting adult!!!).
Do you find stories, interracial erotica or otherwise, where couples cheat, to be an extension of fantasy, or do you think this is acceptable for couples in a relationship, thus your writing more accurately reflects real life?
Oh boy, that is a loaded question. My views on marriage and fidelity are complicated. Personally, I think that society has unrealistic expectations for marriage. When two people get married, love is supposed to somehow suppress all feelings of lust and desire for anyone outside the union. That’s a preposterous notion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there exists a small subset of people for whom this is manageable, but I suspect that most of the married world is in a near constant state of repression of their sexual urges. It’s just not healthy, and personally, I think foolish.

We have to think of more honest ways to approach sex within marriage, and all the associated feelings of love, lust, jealousy, possessiveness, etc. I believe that if a couple is radically honest with one another, it may—just may—be possible to have it all: a healthy, honest, loving relationship in which both partners enjoy the deepest intimacy and grow old together, while simultaneously having some room within the confines of the relationship to explore their sexuality with others.

Alas, until that happens, I believe that loving couples will go on cheating, simply because they don’t know how to talk about this subject with each other (and our society does not do a good job of providing a space in which to do it), and because the very idea of suppressing your sexual feelings for other people for the rest of your life is a heavy burden.

When I wrote about Mrs. Thomas, I tried to empathize with the feelings of a strong, confident woman who loves her husband deeply, but who also has normal, healthy sexual urges—and is self-assured enough to want to explore those urges. I see Mrs. Thomas as a very powerful woman, in charge of who she is and what she wants. I find that to be the height of attractiveness.
Race is an ongoing theme in erotica, and in the world at large, and interracial erotica captures a wide audience… why do you find it hot to read and write about interracial couples? Is it still considered taboo in your opinion?
Traditionally, interracial relationships have touched a nerve in American life—and we all know that anything illicit has an aura of mystery and attracts curiosity. Even though we have made strides from a historical perspective, in many parts of the country blacks and whites still do not interact much. As a consequence, people misunderstand one another, which contributes to a cycle of animosity and mistrust. And if Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet teaches us anything, it is that star-crossed love makes for great sexual tension and chemistry.

It is unfortunate that a lot of interracial erotica that I have read still plays on stereotypical characters like thuggish African Americans who rob white women of their chastity. While there is a place for that (and I believe everyone is entitled to indulge in their own fantasies), I aim to normalize relationships between black and white characters, because that has been my experience. I have had several relationships with black women, and I have friends of every race, religion and background—but that is only possible because race is not a factor in our relationships. That is not to say that race is not acknowledged—a person’s ethnic background of course is a component of their identity—but it is not the defining component of the relationship.

Finally, on a more superficial level, I love the contrast of light skin against dark skin. I also like watching women who enjoy having sex with well-endowed men. I personally find interracial erotica extremely erotic, so there’s that.
You’ve mentioned your writing is a way for you to share some personal fantasies you’ve had… Have you shared your writing with people you know, and if so how have they responded?
Some of my previous lovers were privy to my fantasies and read early chapters of my novella. I only ever received a positive response, and a few were very turned on, so I took that as a good sign that I was doing something right.

I have been fortunate enough to live a fairly adventurous sex life, and so I have actually lived out one or two of my own fantasies. That said, in most cases, the experience is disappointing. For example, I have participated in a few threesomes, once as the “third”, where I was invited to join a couple, twice as part of the couple, and once totally randomly, after a really crazy party weekend. In all but one of the instances, the experience was pretty mediocre. Either one person was getting short shrift, or it just wasn’t very passionate. In the one experience where everything clicked, I think it worked because we were all pretty high and both women were bi-sexual, so they really enjoyed being with each other.

I have realized that what turns me on most is the process of seduction. I love that initial feeling of meeting someone for the first time and thinking, “there’s something there.” I particularly enjoy first dates; exploring whether the chemistry is sparked, and whether there is potential for a second date. Then, when the sexual tension builds, there is nothing more exciting to me than those moments right before we both know it’s going to happen. It all happens in slow motion. It’s kind of vanilla, I know, but I love it.
Published 2018-01-07.
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