Interview with Derek Hart

When did you first start writing?
It was during Freshman English, at Oakton Community College, many years ago. Rinda West, the professor, suggested that I had real talent as a writer and that I should pursue it seriously. She was instrumental in planting the seed, which I didn’t seriously pursue until several years later, when I wrote my first novel.
What's the story behind your latest book?
All these recent apocalyptic books and movies always have the victims know what is happening. I just don't believe that would be the case. So with Minerva's Shield (part 1 in the series) and now Nike's Chariot, the protagonists don't have a clue what happened, just lots of questions. So they set out to find some answers, but only come away with a lot more questions. Sure, I provide hints, but I want the readers to come to their own conclusion. Much of the initial plot originated from a recent father/son vacation, where we went exploring abandoned abandoned buildings and stumbled upon the Black Hills Army Depot, a military post abandoned in the 1960's, but still standing out in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota. This discovery led to the first inklings of the story.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Impatience. I went through the typical old-world process of inquiries, sample chapters, agents, all that crap. My rejection letters all spoke of talent, but no place for action and adventure tales, and my agents proved worthless too, so I went independent.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
There is no doubt that ebooks sell in their many formats and sales overseas are my biggest success. Electronic sales are leaving traditional hard-copy sales in a cloud of dust and Smashwords has played a huge role in this event.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
First, I write for love of the writing. At this time in my writing career, there is no way to claim any financial success. However, my rush comes from finishing another book and reading or hearing how readers loved it. I like to read my books and in most cases I am leaving a timeless gift for my son Ian. He is absolutely blown away by the fact his dad writes books and loves reading them. That is a tremendous reward. Also, I have a circle of close friends and family who enthusiastically involve themselves in my novels and their loyalty is also priceless. Writing is my true passion, so I really enjoy it - period. Sure, it’s hard work, but I love the headache I get from working out a plot problem. I am thrilled when one of my characters refuses to cooperate and I can’t wait to get into the groove, when the words are flying across the page. I am never satisfied as a writer, but I do get to the point where the project needs to be finished and the next one started. I am impatient and am constantly looking ahead. Right now I am aggressively researching 2 books, rewriting 2 books, editing 2 books and outlining 2 books. That’s how I prefer it. There is no such thing as writer’s block with me, because if I get stalled on one, I just jump to another. I love to write entertaining stories and I am constantly trying to polish my art, which I think my readers will agree is happening. Each book is better, because I’m learning, but it’s like an addiction, I must keep writing another one.
What do your fans mean to you?
I write to entertain. I write the kind of novels I like to read. Lots of action, adventure, likeable characters, some history, and perhaps some question of society or life in general that has given me pause. I admit that I am presenting issues in a controlled environment and my conclusions on paper are usually far more obvious and final than life ever is. But foremost, I want to entertain. So when I hear from my fans, I am delighted. They mean everything to me and I aim to please.
What are you working on next?
The final 2 books in the dragon series - Secret of the Dragon's Teeth and Secret of the Dragon's Wings. They are long overdue. There have been lots of interruptions and for awhile, I lost motivation. Since I am wrapping up a very complicated story, I must make sure there are no loose ends, at least not any that would destroy the story. I struggle with this project presently, but it's finally coming together.
Who are your favorite authors?
Alistair Maclean, Hammond Innes, Jack Higgins, Douglas Reeman, and Robert E. Howard.
Do you have one of your books you reccomend most for a new reader?
It depends on the reader's interests and preferred genre, of course, but I usually choose A Favor for FDR. It's a captivating adventure story unfolding during WWII, regarding the race between the Allies and Germans to build an atomic bomb. If you read every Derek Hart novel, you will begin to put together a trend or two. Besides the historical or political questions that I may confront in the chapters of each book, I most definitely challenge that emotion called love. I am fascinated by the impact, not just between a man and woman, but on all the levels that love might express itself. I question it, dissect it, challenge it and most of all, attempt to present love at its best. Sure, that might include sex and since I’m a male of the species, you will find it discussed from my point of view. But love is far more intriguing and seductive than sex, so I keep searching for the answers. I write historical novels because I think history is the best teacher we have and the most overlooked. Our society preaches about history always repeating itself, but we seldom actually study it and pay attention. I love to delve into history, to seek out the viewpoints and ask questions, not in a dusty old boring way, but from the human aspect. I try to toss gifted people into abnormal situations and let them perform.
As a consumer of literature, have you a favorite genre? What is it? And why?
Well, it’s the same genre I write. I love action and adventure, spy novels, even the occasional mystery or romance. Historical fiction also catches my eye, especially if it’s a subject or era I’m intrigued by. I also consume volumes of history books, usually on the topic I’m researching for another novel.
If you could offer just one tidbit of advice to other aspiring writers, what would it be?
The same piece of advice I have received from several people who made a difference in my writing career. Believe in yourself, stick with it, keep learning and keep writing. This is not the course of action for the easily defeated. Writing is a passion and it should be treated as such. Every time you run into a roadblock, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go at it again. It does help to have friends, family and fans to support your efforts, believe me. But in the end, it’s still up to you. Study your craft, study the genre you want to write, but don’t copy it, follow your own internal voice instead.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Tracks of the Predator, which was eventually published, after perhaps 100 rewrites over the years.
What is your writing process?
I enjoy the research, but that’s not actually writing. Since I usually write the ending first, I love watching how the book unfolds on the journey to get to that ending. Certain characters often captivate me and there are passages in my books where I think I’ve done a pretty good job of writing. But to be honest, my favorite part of writing a novel is when I’ve completed it. There is such a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, that it deserves a cold beer and a grilled steak in celebration. I love looking on my bookshelf and seeing 25 published novels, knowing there are plenty more to go.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The first action/adventure novel I read that forever impacted me was Ice Station Zebra, by Alistair MacLean. I was spellbound and read it again to study what the author had done to capture me.
How do you approach cover design?
My close friend David Burke designs my book covers. He is a very gifted graphic artist. I always have ideas for a cover, so when the book is completed in draft form, I send the manuscript to David and he reads it, then creates a draft cover. We haggle and spend hours laughing, negotiating, and debating what should go into a cover, but I am always thrilled by the end result. He’s learning too and his covers keep getting better and better.
Published 2014-10-11.
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Series: Dragon Secrets, Book 1. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 91,590. Language: English. Published: March 24, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Secret of the Dragon’s Eye is a tale of fantasy for young people, with a high-spirited dragon named Thaddeus Osbert and three adolescents who befriend him. Faced with danger and intrigue, the children band together with the dragon, to thwart a German top-secret mission, aimed at seizing the mystical and magical sword of King Arthur—Excalibur.