Interview with Derrick P. Wickers

When did you first start writing?
Providing a specific answer may not be easy here, considering that I love creating both prose and comic books. Taking the latter into account, my first case of "writing" may well be a small Mickey Mouse comic book I made... sometime in my kindergarten years?

My first proper writing were a few sci-fi stories I wrote when I was 16 or 17 years old. I also wrote and drew my first serious comic book at the time - serious, as in featuring my own characters and my own setting.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Well... I've tried writing stories for years. None of them have ever been published (not that they were publication-worthy material, to be honest). After some time, I noticed that I became less motivated to write, as I consigned myself to being a hobby writer only. Writing without any way of reaching out to an audience just... stopped being fun after some time. So, eventually, I decided to make the next step and try to get my stuff out to people.

Another reason is somewhat materialistic: for years, I've been making really little money at the various jobs I've ended up getting. Recently, I was advised that I should try employing my real advantages to remedy that - and one of these advantages may be my storytelling ability. Hence, self-publishing: I hope to raise some additional money that way...
Why are you writing mind control erotica?
I've been a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy and horror for most of my life. And, even in my teenage years, one of my favourite tropes from these kinds of stories was the situation of the characters being mentally transformed or enslaved. Whether it was Galaxy Trio's Gravity Girl intoning "Yes master, I will obey!", or the population of Metropolis being transformed into electronic drones by Cybron in the Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon, I loved it. And, over the years, I ended up coming up with such scenarios of my own.

In early twenties, thanks to the wonders of Internet, I've learned that I wasn't the only person that loved such scenes - even more, there were people around who were writing their own fiction involving the instances of mind control. I've followed such works since then - and I can attest that many of them are quite brilliant works. Nevertheless, l've lately become a bit dissatisfied with the mind control fiction being published, as many of these stories just do not touch on the themes I really wanted to see explored. So, eventually, I decided to try writing my own mind control fiction, in hope of increasing the genre's variety.

Of course, mind control erotica is not the only kind of fiction I like writing - so, I might end up publishing stories of different kinds, too.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
My hobbies include reading (both comic books and prose books), watching TV (these days, I'm a fan of "Penny Dreadful", "Black Sails" and "The Strain") and, lately, painting Warhammer 40,000 miniatures.

I'm also an avid RPG player. These days, I play on the Internet, in games using the play-by-post / play-by-forum format. I can wholeheartily recommend two roleplaying sites: and RPOL is a great site for traditional roleplaying, while Elliquiy is the best place on the web for adult / erotic RPs and collaborative story writing. It also is a friendly and mature adult community in general!
Published 2015-10-18.
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