Interview with Destiny Rose Book Reviews

What inspires you the most in life?
Positive minded people inspire me, especially people who have been through heartache yet still find reasons to smile.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
We take books by request through Facebook and our website and we have an approval process, but sometimes I pick a book simply because it looks awesome and I want to help that author get some positive feedback so other book lovers will buy their work.
What is your book review criteria?
LOVE ROMANCE-- especially books where the characters grow stronger together, becoming better people through their love. But I read suspense, action, historical (romance, not history books), contemporary drama, comedy, teen, poetry, etc.

No hardcore erotica-- only sultry romance please
No horror-- I get nightmares
No graphic gore or violence
How do you write a review?
I work really hard to see the essence of the storyline, the motivating factors of the characters, and any themes the author might have developed in the book. Authors sometimes take years to write a novel. This is their baby that I am reading. To me, it is an honor to give a fair and respectful opinion of their work.

I have two rules- (1) Do no harm- only help. I do not post public reviews less than three stars. My reviews are honest, but if I feel it will be poorly marked, I tell the author politely, giving my reasons. My opinion does no harm to their public image. How I see their work is between me and them. We part as friends.
(2) I do not mark down for editing or formatting-- I discuss those issues with the author PRIVATELY so they can have the opportunity to fix it. I grade on context, creativity, and overall storyline. It is only fair. I see too many authors get bashed by formatting issues that are completely fixable.
Published 2014-07-15.
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