Interview with Cindy A. Christiansen

What kind of books do you write?
I write sweet romance with humor, suspense…and dogs! That’s actually my tagline. Finding your niche is difficult to do. One day I sat down and figured out who I am as an author. The process didn’t happen overnight. I had already published three books. The third book clicked with me and my readers, and I’ve tailored my writing around these factors ever since:
• A clean read with no bedroom scenes or offensive language.
• A tantalizing, fast-paced plot.
• A story without a lot of unnecessary, boring description.
• Down-to-earth heroes and heroines with everyday jobs.
• A rollercoaster ride of emotions you face right along with the characters.
• A special dog to steal your heart.
• A few added facts, a good message, and that important happily-ever-after ending.
When did you first start writing?
Can you image what it’s like to go from a full-time job, remodeling your whole new house, a new marriage, and being an artist and then winding up bedridden with an unknown illness for months and months? Life gets extremely unbearable! That’s when I made two changes in my life: I started writing and I adopted a dog. These two things saved my life and continue to enrich it every day. Besides health issues, adding two autistic kids and an ADHD dog with seizures to the mix makes me enjoy escaping to another world where my heroines can do things I can’t.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I love Utah! Just like movie producers, I find Utah to be the most versatile landscape. From the dry west desert, to snow-capped mountains, to the unusual rock formations of Arches National Park, to rural farming towns, to the metropolis Salt Lake City—Utah has it all. I don’t think I could ever run out of intriguing setting here in Utah.
What is your writing process?
With over thirty health issues that affect me physically and cognitively and two autistic children with co-morbid conditions, I can’t exactly sit down and write from nine to five or even ten to two. I write in small chunks of time, sometimes as little as a sentence at a time. Sometimes I come back to my work and there is a half finished sentence. (lol) I’m here to say life isn’t easy but you can eat an elephant one bite at a time.
Why do you feature dogs on your covers instead of the traditional romance cover?
My books aren’t about intertwined bodies. (lol) From the beginning, I have always included one or more dogs in each book. My life has been so enriched by them that I can’t imagine life without them. One of the things that makes my books unique is that the dog character usually plays a role. I also donate proceeds from my books to help abused and abandoned dogs. The dog on the cover lets readers know these are my books and you can trust what will be inside. Although I write romance, I have a wide range of readers from YA to seniors to male readers to even those that don’t particularly care for dogs. (Can’t even imagine that.)
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I love working with my publisher on my full-length books. I became an Indie author with my novellas and short stories as a way of introducing my writing style to new readers. I have found I really enjoy writing them.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords is awesome! They provide an author with detailed information to submit their work and become successful. I love that they provide you with an ISBN and distribute an author’s work to top sites.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Before I began writing, I was an artist. And although I still occasionally get out the brushes and escape into an artistic world, I find that writing fills my mind much more than my art endeavors. Even if I am not physically able to write with my health issues or situation, my mind can always be working on a story. It provides a cathartic getaway like no other activity.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I know for a fact I wrote many stories in my youth although I can’t remember them. I even wrote radio plays and had my family perform them sitting around a single tape recorder. But recently, I ran across a college writing assignment. (By the way, I got on A on it.) The story was probably my first romance and only about 1200 words. The amazing thing about it is the story included a dog. Even back then I wrote sweet romance with humor, suspense…and dogs! Right now I am expanding the story and turning it into a novelette.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Time Will Tell is the first book of a three book series—A Merchant Street Mystery. After having written a number of stand-alone books, I decided to challenge myself. I almost have the second book completed, and I’m hoping I will make the deadline. With the physical and family challenges I face, I have never dared write on deadline. I’m finding it extremely challenging.

Here’s the storyline: Holly Waterbury is a little paranoid and she just can’t handle all the suspicious behavior centered on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City. Being volunteered to help her hoarding Uncle Kipp recover after a fall and finding out he has a dog is not helping to calm her excitable nature either. But it’s really the good-looking, take-charge homeless man her uncle hired to help clean up his clock shop that has Holly baffled. Just why are his teeth so white? Throw in a not-so-valuable clock everyone is willing to kill for and Holly’s imagination runs wild. Only time will tell just how long it takes before Holly will figure out the mysteries of Merchant Street, including the sexy homeless man.

The story came easy for me for Time Will Tell. My husband and I love antique clocks and have apprenticed with a horologist. I love restoring the cases and my husband repairs the works.
Published 2013-09-27.
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