Interview with Emas de la Cruz

Tell us about your background. Where did you grow up? How does this influence your writing?
We are actually what retail America might call a BOGO deal – buy one get one free! We write under the pseudonym EMAS de la Cruz. The “first name” comes from a combination of our initials. The “last name” is from a family connection of writer EM. It’s important to know that we did this for two reasons. The first is because it is kind of like what technology users and interactive participants do when they create usernames or avatars of online characters to represent themselves. It adds a bit of mystery. The last name of de la Cruz is a reflection of our Latin American connection. That’s true for EM, who grew up in both Latino and Hispanic (European) cultures. AS is more of a traditional Anglo White person from the American Midwest. AS’s background is very different from EM’s. But together our experiences offer us the chance to look differently on changes that are underway within the USAmerican culture.
What is the story behind your current book or the concept?
We recently traveled the country on an extended road trip (20,000 miles around the outer byways and back ways of the United States) to decide where we might want to settle and start new careers. Over the six months we did this, we ran into all types of people in many situations and asked them about their relationships. It became very apparent that many lived in coupled relationships that had little intimacy or sexuality – though not always for the reasons people think. Some people cheated, for sure, and their partner doesn’t like it. A few knew about this and said they didn’t care. Others, however, were surprised to find that the sex and intimacy problems were related to the fact that they had actually built a strong and equal relationship. They said that because they loved their partner in a respectful way, that it was weird sometimes to ask them to be involved in some kinds of sexual fun that seemed more about power and control. That having built an equal relationship, it was hard to come up with ways to continue sharing spicy, lustful experiences with each other. In My Husband, My Roommate the main characters and their kids see some of the dynamics of this kind of thinking play out in an open way while mom and dad have some distance between them.
Is this where you got the idea of Digital Romance? And what is Distance Loving?
Everyone knows that romance novels are big sellers and popular. There are many sub-classifications within the genre of romance, but for the most part they deal with the fun and explicit parts of the sexuality of relationships. Digital Romance comes from the realization that technology is literally becoming more “hands-on” electronically than most of us think. Books or stories in this genre explore these options and the fun products and services heading toward our bedrooms. Pretty soon it will literally be able to “touch” someone across some digital spaces while having pretty intimate fun!
We see Distance Loving as a sub-genre of Digital Romance in that it turns the benefits of technology and being apart because of technology into tools for building relationships among those who didn’t start out as technology couples. People work online and travel because of technology, often getting exposed to a much bigger world. Getting started with online dating is one element of Digital Romance. Loving those you are already committed to across the gaps of living is Distance Loving and something more couples will likely have to deal with.
What kinds of “mysteries” might there be in Digital Romance or Distance Loving?
Oh, many indeed. It is very likely that there are good, bad and ugly couples on the many sides of the digital stream. We wrote My Husband, My Roommate to focus on a successful couple struggling through their relationship as they get a taste of what “sugar Skyping” is all about – adding Skype sex into their distances. Our next story is expected to be My Wife, My Roommate, which is the same story from the other side of the emails, texts and video connections. Todd, Beverley’s husband, shows us how he gets to where he can talk more openly about these interests with his strong and confident and progressive wife. My Husband, My Roommate starts with Beverly in her Woman Cave, after all, which has many implications for what it means to be in control and sexual.
What is “sugar Skyping?”
‘Sugar’ is a common street term for sex and acts like intercourse. Doing it through the medium of a Skype platform is virtual sex at the beginning level – Sexnology, as some say; the intermingling of sex and technology. We offer it as a beginning discovery. Other stories that we’re already putting together – including some that are more erotic and explicitly sexual – will get into other ways that technology is becoming very explicitly sexual and intimate.
Why did you choose Smashwords to host this project?
We have heard lots of good things from other authors. Smashwords is also trying to keep authors on the cutting edge. We liked what we heard and that there were many possibilities for doing this as a way to sell our ideas to traditional publishers.
You want a traditional publisher?
We do. That is why we included a sample book summary in the form of a letter to a prospective publisher at the end of the book. Mostly we respect that there is a difference between writers and editors, and a traditional publisher can help us with this. A traditional publisher might open some new portals to getting Digital Romance and Distance Love better known and more interactive.
What other project(s) are you working on?
The trip we spoke of around USAmerica provided us many stories and many images to share. We have a few interactive photography books we’re working on too that we want to mix with technology. They should be ready in 2014 or early 2015. Then we have an endless set of stories relating to action and adventure relationships that grow from the ‘husbands and wives as roommates’ way of thinking. Believe it or not, many of our friends who live in relationships that lack intimacy and sex WANT to be the featured characters in our stories. We’d love to respect these desires in empowering ways while also looking to create some action and adventure stories that might make thrilling movies of love and lust gone technologically wrong.
What other things do you do for pleasure?
Naughty, naughty. You’ll find out more if the NSA captures some of what we do and releases it to the world. Then we’ll confirm or deny whether those activities were really us or our avatars!
I can’t wait to read My Husband, My Roommate. Anything else to share about that?
It was designed as a fun but simple book. We didn’t want to scare away those who have their own ideas about how wild they can get with a touch of technology. Couples have a lot of exploring to do before Digital Romance and Distance Loving are ready for their version 2.0 upgrades. A step at a time can be a big jump into the domain of the digitally wild and crazy.
Published 2014-06-06.
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