Interview with Ken Anderson

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born in Sydney Australia and only a stone's throw from the largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere- Rookwood. Here I made movies, played and explored the past but it wasn't obvious until recently that this location would become a feature point in the novel... 'She Refuses To Leave'.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
It was a screen play titled 'Skiers Need Love Too'.
What are you working on next?
A continuing saga about two young teenagers who have a unique and loving connection. Their lives are in constant danger thanks to a manipulative psychopath who is hell bent on their demise. If it wasn't for their ability to read each others minds they wouldn't stand a chance. It is called 'The CONnection'.
What is your writing process?
You sit at a computer and go to 'auto pilot'.
Who are your favorite authors?
This is like asking what is your favorite Pop Star. The answer is in a constant state of flux, I like characters that are cheeky and talk back to the reader. DeMille and Coonts have that special flare.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Neck pain.
How do you discover the eBooks you read?
You never discover books, they discover you.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
No impact but I do remember three lines from a Shakespearean Classic.
How do you approach cover design?
With caution and hard work. I love searching for images that work.
How many drafts did 'She Refuses To Leave' require?
It's not as simple as that, some chapters came together within four drafts while others proved more difficult. I can remember some sections of the book requiring fifty rehashes. I also heard that a particular author never had to correct his first draft- I'd love to hear his secret.
For me, the easiest character interaction was between Shaun and a young girl named Chelsea. She had just won the World Debating Championship and was on a high, however she was also having issues wth her boyfriend. Chelsea and Shaun bounced off each other like ping-pong balls falling fifty feet and those particular chapters required little adjustment.
Describe your desk
Best not!
What is your biggest regret in life?
Missing the opportunity to ask my parents about their childhood years. As mundane as this subject maybe, it can become a vital path to your own discovery. Not only will you discover your ancestry but your health and direction will be clearer. Take the time to ask- write down the answers and keep them for reference- you'll feel better- your parents will feel better. Caring for others means looking after yourself. Don't miss this opportunity!
In the novel, She Refuses To Leave what are your favorite chapters?
When Shaun escapes to London with a family friend. Perhaps I'm biased but it appears to flow well, it's steamy and seductive, anyone would love to be a part of that romance.
She Refuses To Leave is inspired by a real story- do you think you achieved what you set out to accomplish?
I can only hope.
This book was written to preserve Lyn Monday's memory. Lyn died because someone lied, however the circumstances of her death is not the only lie perpetuated and these are exposed in this book. If nothing else, I hope people learn that lies have consequences, some are bigger and more damaging than others. My only advice, treat others as you expect to be treated and that it's never too late to clear your conscience.
Throughout the novel 'She Refuses To Leave' you write about spirits, are you a believer?
I call myself a 'selective believer' which is a problem. I can't accept there are spirits, nor can I dismiss the notion. My problem is very frustrating as I know it's hypocritical to sit in the middle, however I can't do a darn thing about it.
If you can't decide that spirits exist why write this novel?
I have experienced something which followed me for weeks. It wasn't bad, it wasn't worrying but it was definitely with me. As a consequence I wrote... 'She Refuses To Leave'. I now have this ongoing battle within, did Lyn Monday really vist me?
Is there a sub-title for She Refuses To Leave?
Yes, it's called...'When my mother warned that Girls Are Trouble, she was wrong, dead wrong- they're far worse!'
What reference does the sub-title have to the novel?
It was a warning given to me via my mother. I thought it worthy of being duplicated. There is a strong connection to that theory and many people since reading the novel have agreed, I think there is an element of truth, however and interestingly, women are much more complex than to be gender manipulated.
Is a paperback version of She Refuses To Leave available?
Yes, you can go to:

Also Smashwords and their affiliates have the eBook, go to:
If you could flick the pages, what page would you like to open?
From Chapter 35 when Shaun has an intimate moment with Siobhan...

Shaun: “You’re really going to tell me?”
Siobhan: “You asked… anyway, it’s a fantasy, not real, I’m at a train station, a subway exit to be precise… underground, loads of people passing when all of a sudden a man stops. He is handsome with black wavy hair, a chisel chin and eyes set deep. He looks at me leaning against this tiled wall. Now, why would I be leaning against a tile wall and in a public thoroughfare? No time for answers but I realise where I’m leaning is white and stark. I’m dressed in black – slinky black, a material you need to adjust constantly and my high heels match, but they are like stiletto towers. This guy ambles over and stops. He looks me in the eye. He keeps looking, not a word. It’s like I can sense what he's thinking. I know he can read my thoughts. I blush. How embarrassing..."
If readers need to ask you a question, how can they contact you?
They can go to the contact page at:!contact/c1kcz
Also they can follow on Instagram at:
Plus for information on Ken's movie Naturally Free- The freedom's there; just come and taste it!
Published 2016-11-10.
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