Interview with Eclectica Publishing

What is your publishing process?
Simple. Family, friends, co-workers and those referred to us send us their e-book manuscripts. We help them proof/edit their manuscripts. We then assist in formatting for uploading to the Smashwords site for e-publishing.
How do you approach cover design?
Wait for it...wait for it...simply. We have templates which we alter to fit the content and tone of the e-book. We adjust the colors, change the title, author, etc., and it's done.
Tell us about your authors.
Our first published author was Charlayne Kellum-Gray. Her non-fiction book, Family Harvest: How to Strengthen Family Bonds While Having Fun, was published in November 2014. She's a versatile writer who looks forward to branching out to fiction writing soon. Look for a novel from her in the near future.

Our next published author will be Druzella Pilegesh. We will share more on her upcoming non-fiction e-book in the coming months.
Published 2014-12-04.
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