Interview with Elleby Harper

What are you currently working on?
My Heirs series is my priority for 2016. I have just published the third book in the series, Crowned Hearts. The trilogy is set in the ritzy, glitzy, glam-filled 1980s and if you like your romance red-hot and black-tie, filled with a cast of sizzling characters and glamorous intrigue then this is the read for you. Each book overcomes a particular obstacle, but ends with a teaser so that you keep following the overarching theme of the mothers’ skeleton-rattling past. I'm now working on book 4 which will be a stand alone romantic suspense.
What do you struggle with in your writing?
I really love researching in detail so sometimes I struggle to stay focused on the story and not get waylaid by trekking off into research wilderness.

At other times it can be hard to disentangle myself from the story. My characters go through a lot of emotions and I have to experience everything they do in order to write believably, so that can be very emotionally draining.
What type of writing do you prefer, fiction or non-fiction?
My first love and abiding passion is fiction and has been since I wrote my first romance at the age of 10. However, non-fiction has provided me with a breakthrough into published writing. My published interviews with local media celebrities and those who were experts in their fields in both the US and Australia has brought me face to face with some warm, witty, inscrutable or simply downright scary people.
No, I meant, what type of writing do you like to read?
Oh, ha, ha! And I thought you were interested in my writing! Sorry, what was the question again?
What type of writing do you like to read?
I like writing that’s awesomely crafted, that moves, inspires or thrills me, depending on the genre.

Good writers are like ballet dancers. They both sweat their butts off to ensure their performance seems both graceful and effortless for their audiences.
How did you get into writing?
I have always had a secret life with words. I simply love their resonance and mystery. At school I used to collect words and make my own dictionaries. Crepuscular. Intercalate. Organoleptic. (Yes, I know that takes nerdiness to new depths.) Words are powerful. They can also be tricky little devils and many a writer has been hoodwinked by them. To master words is an undertaking without end, often without remuneration, but providing infinite satisfaction.

I love the possibility that there may be a kernel of information or inspiration in my writing that is connecting with a reader.
Do you have any writing goals?
Essentially I write because that’s just who I am. Writing every day tones my writing muscles, so I guess my goal is to get a six pack.
Describe your desk
It's looking impressively chaotic.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I always dreamed of being an author, but the reality I found in traditional publishing was that once your writing is delivered you are allowed very little say over the process. Now, this may not bother most people but I have to admit that I am a total control freak. So the fact that I have final say over the book cover design, the book blurb, pricing and so on is something I really relish. I also like the speed of indie publishing, from writer to reader has never been faster.
Published 2016-09-07.
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