Interview with Eric EH Buddhadharma

What do you believe in?
I plainly believe in truth and simplicity of life. I do not have to be a Christian to believe in Jesus or need to be a Buddhist to believe in the Buddha. I believe we should stick to simplicity in life and avoid those so called smart ways to reach the top. Our sincerity and efforts may automatically take us to the top if we believe in ourselves and in whatever we do.
How do you start your mornings?
I am an early riser. My day starts anytime between 4-30 to 5-30 in the morning. After my wash-up I straightaway head into the kitchen to pressure-cook meals for my cats and the crows(cats and crows eat the same food). Then I spread a lots of grains on all my kitchen window sills for pigeons and sparrows in my neighborhood. Their sight is so pleasant first thing in the morning. I then get into my home gym, while the cooker cooks slowly. By the time I finish my exercise, food for the cats and crows are ready. Only then I generally sit for my simple breakfast of some bread and peanut butter with a cup of Darjeeling tea. I have been having this breakfast since when I do not remember myself.
Why do you like to write?
Writing, it seems to me is an extension of teaching. Very late in life I realized I was a teacher. Teacher, here does not mean a school teacher, I mean philosophically; as in enlightenment. I have thoughts running in my mind all the time, which I never read anywhere nor heard it from anyone ever. These thought, originally to me, I would like to put it in the form of books so that the society could benefit from it. My dream is to let my message reach the people, in return, whatever little money I get as royalty, may enable me to set up animal rescue mission. How far I may succeed, is a different question. If you read what I write, you will definitely benefit; it is written with all sincerity and from the bottom of my heart. Please check it out.
You write alright; what do you like reading?
I ardently believe in "Knowledge is power" since I was about 9 or 10 year old. Gaining knowledge never made me earn or stack lots of money, it led me into pure enlightenment. After enlightenment,one does not need money` anyway. Yes, we all do need money for our upkeep and to pay bills, this is it, nothing more. The tremendous energy, eternal youth and power of the body and mind that enlightenment brings into a person is beyond any worldly treasure. Since language and words are an inferior form of expression, I am unable to explain or express my feelings of this elated experience of enlightenment.
What other books are you writing?
I am writing on different genre, such as religion, fiction based upon riches to rags, Indian philosophy, guide book for children, young adults and adults. All my books will be useful in day to day life for everyone. It will never be a waste of time or money. Besides, it will be priced reasonably so that most people could afford it. Online eBooks are in my card.
What is your writing process?
I plan my book in my mind for many months. Then when it becomes a vivid story I plan a written structure. With this structure I build up my writing. I never go wrong this way. My end book is exactly what I thought it to be.
Published 2015-11-12.
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