Interview with Ittyerah Tholath

How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
It was my intense desire to make people know about my out of the box thinking and the best tool for that was to publish my views and ideas in a book form. Even though part of my out of the box thoughts were published in the Journal of American Geriatric society in 2010 the article was very abridged and with very limited exposure.(Is there an alternative process to aging and death?.JAGS. Jan. 2010,vol.58,No.1,P.187) These limitations in size and exposure were over come by publishing the book through smash words. Now it reaches not only medical men but also to ordinary people on the street.When it is a book I could discuss the ideas and thoughts extensively without the regulations and limitations of a journal. All these I could achieve in a paperless, universally accessible and environment friendly way through Smashwords. These are the strong ways to success. Usually authors are happy if many people buy the book and read them. But my success and happiness depend on the attitude of the readers and the scientific community towards the ideas I have floated.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Joy for writing is the feeling that what ever I have written is going to help mankind tomorrow or day after tomorrow. When some body enjoys reading the book I get a sense of satisfaction or pleasure out of it, like the professional satisfaction I derive when a patient is cured of his / her disease. Besides this I derive happiness when my dreams are shared with others. Even though I do not have the technology to do what ever I have envisaged, I still feel that some body else will do it in a future date and avoid the great tragedies of mankind - the senility, cancer and death. I feel that some amount of imagination is essential to give directions for research and to acquire new knowledge. I enjoy mixing imagination with reasoning. Writing for me also means expression of my new ideas. Ideas are like seedlings in a nursery. They have to be transplanted from the nursery to a better locations. My writing is a tool for this type of transplantation of the idea to another mind. Besides this I do get happiness in sharing my interesting real life experience as in 'Bewitching BHU'. .
What do your fans mean to you?
As an author I have an existence because of the readers and fans. There is no pleasure in becoming an author without readers. For any author fans are the great boost for further writing in quality and quantity. If there is no reader the author looses his or her relevance .Fans give me self confidence , stimulate my imaginations and extract best out of me.I thank all my fans for their encouraging comments. I am happy to see that more and more people are getting interested in my books. As the number of fans increase I shall be able to write more.
What are you working on next?
I am working on ' The failure stories of a doctor for half a century'. Writing about failures and errors are relevant because there were several unexpected errors, mistakes and failures in medical practice. They had changed many things in our life. Failures are painful ; but there are lots of learning opportunities in each failure. And failures are much more than success; but often people are silent about own failures. In fact our own system have several defects and failures. I am trying to recollect my own failures .One can learn from others failures as well. If somebody can learn from my failures i am giving them an opportunity for that. I have already presented part of the collections of failures as TACOPSIA . oration 2012, and hope the completed book of interesting error stories shall be out soon.
Was your book reviewed and why should some body read it?
Yes. 'Eye doctor out of the box' was reviewed by Ms. Sridevi in the national magazine The Week - health dated 9th February 2014.( and Dr. Anju S Raju in the Kerala Journal of Ophthalmology March 2014.p.92.(Web site of K.S.O.S. :
I want only the adults to read it since the topic is not meant for children. All those who have independent thinking and are concerned with the agonies of old age, cancer and death shall enjoy it. Since it is a combination of lateral thinking in medicine and imagination doctors and paramedical persons may understand it better. Doctors are helpless in treating a mortal human in terminal stage of diseases like cancer. Here is an imagination to make human immortal, not by drinking 'amrith' but by changing genes. And remember great men think imagination is more important than knowledge. One chapter in the book is exclusively for exploring the importance of imaginations and intuitions!
The books 'Bewitching BHU' & "Why cancer " were published recently .And they were not reviewed so far. The two books " Eye doctor out of the box" and "Why cancer" together forms the " Immortality" series.I hope soon some of the reader / fan shall review the remaining books.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Writing is not my main activity.I am a practicing eye surgeon. Patient care is my main activity. This involves examination of patients and prescribing medicines,spectacles etc. as well as doing LASER, surgery etc. on eyes of patients.There is always shortage of time for writing and I write articles in the night so that when time overshoot it will be only on my sleep time. I have social and family obligations too . My wife needs my care since she has balancing problems following brain surgery and radiation for cancer.I too have my own minor health problems which needs the care of a physician off and on.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small agricultural family as the only child of my parents.My father used to experiment with different agricultural techniques.He made natural hybrid coconut seedlings at home. He used to do grafting of mango trees & budding of rose plants.He used to develop his own hybrid poultry. Even today I have hybrid and uncommon plants at home he has planted. He used to collect and develop peculiar plants for the fun of it and supply free of cost to his friends. He used to travel to distant farms and bring seed lings and eggs of birds and experiment with them. Often my mother quarreled with him for his useless experiments. I also have assisted him in his activities and done grafting on mango seedlings. During my school days we were living in the village in a 7 acre farm land. My father cross breaded black ( Minorca) cock foul with white (Leghorn) hen. The new chicken hatched out were white with black dots.When they grew up laid more eggs than the white mother. When I joined in Medical college my father sold the farm and we shifted to the traditional house we inherited from my grand father( a school teacher) in the small municipal town Kunnamkulam. I had observed various reproductive process in plants and animals and often wondered how young ones are emerging in these living organisms. I had a feeling from child hood that unusual things are possible by genetic manipulation.Besides this we children used to celebrate Onam festival with lot of enthusiasm. The mythological story of Onam describes the transformation of an adult God to a child to eliminate Mavely, the benevolent king of Kerala.The memories of this story might have influenced my thinking of transformation of an adult to two children. All these child hood experience in the farm, home and mythology might have influenced my lateral thoughts as a doctor on human reproduction.
Besides this as a young doctor at Little Flower Hospital I witnessed an interesting incident concerning pregnancy and cancer. An 'incurably infertile' lady was getting treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia. She became pregnant, but she did not recognize the unexpected pregnancy.After few weeks another hospital recognized the pregnancy and by that time blood count had come down to normal and she was in a stage of remission. The incident was sensationalized by the media as a case of miss diagnosis of cancer for pregnancy! Now I realize that medicines curing leukemia can help ovulation. When selective suppression of asexual reproduction ( cancer) occurred, perhaps a natural attempt was made by the body for sexual reproduction by way of ovulation from a so far non functioning ovary.The continuous attack by media for several weeks was very much traumatizing for the doctors of Little Flower hospital including myself. Perhaps this incident might have influenced my lateral thoughts on cancer.
What is the central theme of your books?
The central theme of the book 'Eye doctor out of the box' is to eliminate human sufferings due to age and geriatric disease especially cancer.Many organisms have more than one method of reproduction functioning ; but in some organisms only one method could be active. There are many plants around us having asexual reproduction from their stems or roots, produce flowers but cannot produce seeds,or seedlings. We get more flowers from the rose plant when we cut and remove the old stem, because we are blocking the natural asexual reproduction process.The plant is not rewarding the gardener for cutting the branches but is trying to compensate for lost chance for asexual reproduction by attempting sexual reproduction. The old branches are tuned for asexual reproduction and the young branches are tuned for sexual reproduction. And both for asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction the focal place of activity is the node of the stem.Similarly in humans besides the active sexual reproduction an inefficient asexual reproduction is existing which gets activated when sexual reproduction is absent or inefficient as in old age. Cancer of reproductive & sex organs are much more than cancer of other organs - the focal place of activity for both the types of reproduction seems to be the sex organs. And cancer phobic humans get their uterus,ovary,breast and prostate removed to avoid cancer of these organs. In this book the possibility of development of the hidden rudimentary alternate method of reproduction inherited from the amoeba is discussed.Today there is a drastic reduction in sexual reproduction in humans and also sex recession.Obesity and carcinogenic agents like radiation,tobacco,alcohol,air pollution etc.reduce fertility and sexual reproduction considerably. Same is true about certain endocrine disruptive compounds. They also reduce fertility and increase cancer. Interestingly smoking marijuana an aphrodisiac doesn't produce cancer. Eisenberg etal. (2013).noticed 2.2 fold higher cancer risk in azoospermic men (Fertility&Sterility). Similarly Alexander Pastuszak etal. noticed about 40% higher cancer risk in men with Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction(fertility &Sterility). And in all such situation where sexual reproduction is reduced,the body is trying to compensate it with asexual reproduction.There are many other carcinogenic agents which may be working as the nutrients we add to increase flowering of the rose plants! Cancer occurring in the elderly (often infertile) persons could be an expression of atavism.It is an inefficient attempt for asexual reproduction, in another words an error of asexual reproduction. If we can convert this inefficient process to an efficient process of reproduction, cancer and death can be cured! The modern chemotherapeutic agents (ABVD) while selectively inhibiting cancer growth enhance ovum production in women - once more confirming the reproductive link of cancer and its therapy.When one method of reproduction is suppressed the other method gets enhanced by nature. Interestingly the Zika virus which eats the unborn babies brain, happily consumes the cancer cells of glioblastoma, but does not eat adult brain cells. This behavior of Zika virus further points to the reproductive roots of cancer. Perhaps the conversion of cancer to binary fission could be the first step towards immortality as well.The cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells) have already shown the immortal capability of cancer. We know that reactivation of telomerase enzyme,that extends the life span, is seen in the cancer cells. Besides this one of the apoptosis inhibitor protein, survivin is significantly high in the serum of cancer patients as soon cancer develops (J.C.R.T.2018.). All these facts show that cancer is not designed for death but for growth and multiplication. 'Eye doctor out of the box' is divided to five chapters and one chapter tries to explain the importance of imagination.
The book 'Bewitching BHU' is a travelogue of last century clearly demonstrating that determination and timely bold action can smash through all the obstructions and blocks in your journey towards success ,if you have the luck & divine blessings.
'Why cancer' is a book to prove that growth in cancer is occurring for a good intention. But unfortunately due to deficiencies in genes, it leads to lot of sufferings and death.If the growth is controlled and streamlined great things can be achieved. 'Why cancer' is in fact an expansion of one chapter of 'Eye doctor out of the box'.'Eye doctor out of the box' & 'Why cancer' together forms 'immortality series' as it tries to explain immortality possibilities.
When did you first start writing?
I started writing scientific papers and were published in scientific journal. Probably I stared in the year 1971 on ocular parasites, when I was working as Sr. house surgeon at CMC Vellore. This was later published in the proceedings of the 6th Afro Asian Congress of Ophthalmology conducted at Madras. My first ophthalmology case report was published in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology in the year 1976. Later as the editor of three different scientific journal at different times I was always exposed to scientific writing. The fiction writing for me is only an extension of scientific writing. In science fiction writing the material is of scientific background with an element of imagination. When I write often the imaginations can have a scientific basis .I had published few articles in news papers and service club bulletins too.
Is it possible for humans to under go binary fission as you have imagined in the book ?
Yes; it is possible, if we have the genes. Once we get all the genes for binary fission, binary fission for humans shall be possible. Getting the binary fission genes incorporated in human genome is a task humans can achieve soon.( Rudimentary form of binary fission genes or a genetic trait do exist in humans and identical twins are formed by binary fission in the womb .) If a small old twig of rose plant can grow into a full fledged young rose plant, if a small egg can become a huge crocodile, if a tadpole swimming in water can become a jumping frog and live on land, if a dirty worm or caterpillar can become a beautiful butterfly drinking honey, and if an axolotl (Mexican walking fish) can control the transformation & grow limbs when they are lost, in nature wonders are possible. If man can create genetically modified glowing animals like glowing fish,glowing sheep,glowing rabbit,glowing cat, glowing dog,and even glowing monkey (marmoset), a transformation of a middle aged human to two young children by binary fission is not unattainable. We have the know how for creation of transgenic animals with germ line transmission of genes. We are also doing cloning as a reproductive technique. We have the genetic tools to cut DNA in the precise spot and place the required genes at the appropriate spot. In fact binary fission is much more natural than cloning and it is the most primitive form of reproduction. If you have the dream,desire and drive to do the impossible binary fission of human is with in our reach. There are many living organisms with more than one method of reproduction. Binary fission could be an additional mode of reproduction for us and save us from senility.We start with fusion of two unequal living objects (the ovum & sperm) and after fusion both are getting a big extension in their life by way of formation of a human! This is achieved by the process of multiple fission (cell division). If we can make a mirror image type of fission in an adult , the transformation to two young children could be achieved . 'Once you get the genes everything is possible' . Fusion,fission and transformation are natural process for the survival of an organism. We have enough stem cells in various organs of the body to help the transformation. The astonishing fact is that so far no body has made any sincere attempt. And without repeated attempt how can we achieve 'binary-transformation'? Science can change both birth and death of humans. Please remember, according to Charles Darwin " it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science".
Are you an optimist or pesimist? Why are you always thinking of failures, mistakes,and errors?
I am an optimist. You may understand this , if you read "Bewitching BHU". I was optimistic and could successfully overcome many difficulties during my trip to Varanasi for post graduate admission at BHU. In fact the BHU experience has made me more optimistic. Observing the failures around us is with an intention and desire to convert them to a success story where ever necessary and where ever possible. The fact is that we do not recognize many failures in our system because they are occurring very frequently.(Repetition suppression).Unless and until you look for them you will not see them. When a lady menstruates it is the fatal failure story('funeral procession') of the ovum, even on successful fertilization of the ovum by a sperm millions of sperms fail in their mission and perish, when a miscarriage or abortion occurs it is a failure story of the fetus(50% of miscarriages have chromosomal anomalies).Vesicular mole is a serious error of sexual reproduction simulating cancer.! In fact all menstrual disorders point to errors in sexual reproduction process . When a cesarean section is performed to save the mother and or child it points to the correction of an error of a sexual reproduction process, when an infant and mother die during delivery, it is more than a failure of sexual reproduction.When the mother dies following delivery it is also a gross error of sexual reproduction because often the child could not survive without the care of the mother and the breast milk . When a premature infant dies in the ICU it is a failed survival story of a new born child. When a child is born with congenital defects it is a failure story of the sexual reproduction. When the toddler falls while trying to walk it is a temporary failure story for the child, and when you and I get an infection like common cold it is the failure story of our immune (defense) system. After a poisonous snake bite the person fails to survive because he/she does not have the antibodies to neutralize the poison. Even a mosquito bite can kill humans because of lack of antibodies against the microorganisms injected by the mosquito. Our defense system even fails to distinguish between our own protein and invading enemy protein as in autoimmune diseases. We get different types of chromosomal anomalies and errors in sexual differentiation. So there are many many failures in our body and our systems . We have seen the rapid increase in diabetic population when there is an increase in diabetologists and their clinics. Similarly as we have more and more ophthalmologists, LASIK centers and spectacle shops, the myopic population increases.Same is true about hemophilia and related genetic coagulation disorders. The diseased people in the population increase as we have better transfusion facilities for the coagulation factors. In another words when we treat genetic diseases by non genetic methods for relief of symptoms both incidence and prevalence of the disease shall increase.. These are just a few examples of our failures in the disease management and they expose our inability to find a genetic cure for diabetes, myopia (short sight) and hemophilia. The health personals through out the world try to reduce infant mortality rate and increase life expectancy. If we reach zero infant mortality rate and one hundred and fifty years life expectancy the number of invalid,impotent, dependent, handicapped, sick, and chronic patients in the population shall shoot up. This is the paradox of our health parameters and the systems. We have failed to evolve even an appropriate measuring rod to asses the health and happiness of the society. How can I ignore all these defects, failures and errors? Interestingly the system works fairly well in spite of all these failures and errors.And there is a self correction process in the system for the betterment of the species.
Published 2019-02-14.
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