Interview with Jacklyn A. Lo

Published 2023-09-14.
What draws you to write about metaphysical themes?
The metaphysical realm is the foundational layer underlying our physical existence, and I find that endlessly fascinating. My journey began in my teenage years when I sensed the influence of the supernatural in my life.
This interest gained momentum with a transformative experience in my adult years, which elevated my consciousness and further fueled my desire to explore these themes.
What specific aspect of metaphysics intrigues you the most?
'Spiritual Choice' holds a special fascination for me. Every choice we make on our life journey can either propel or impede our spiritual evolution. I am enthusiastic about exploring the complex web of outcomes that stem from these choices.
What is the central message of your debut novel, "Redemption"?
The novel guides readers on the extraordinary journey of a woman named Ann, who makes a succession of Spiritual Choices toward the Light. I hope that readers will see their lives in a broader context and make more thoughtful choices as a result.
What challenges did you face while writing "Redemption"?
The main challenge was balancing the metaphysical aspects with an engaging storyline to appeal to a broad audience. Additionally, the novel explores various historical time periods, requiring meticulous research to maintain accuracy while also crafting an engaging narrative.
How did you incorporate history into the novel?
While "Redemption" possesses a serious metaphysical "skeleton," I wanted to frame these ideas within the context of well-known historical figures, places, and events to make it more accessible and entertaining.
Why did you opt for the title 'Redemption'?
The title reflects Ann's ultimate goal of liberating herself from the cycle of reincarnation through enlightened choices.
What was your creative process like for "Redemption"?
Writing "Redemption" felt divinely guided. Two elements particularly stand out: the metaphysical dialogues between characters, and the climax, which arrived to me years after the initial draft.
How were the characters of Ann and Rob conceptualized?
Ann was designed to be a strong, universally relatable woman, while Rob, her AI companion, was created to offer a steadfast presence in a world filled with haste and skepticism.
What is the significance of Ann choosing death in her past lives?
The act of willingly relinquishing life allows Ann to accumulate powerful positive karma, which is a central theme in the story.
Who are some authors you admire?
I have a deep respect for Ludmila Strelnikova and Larisa Seklitova, among others.
What are your plans for the near future?
I intend to pen a new novel or screenplay that explores the theme of human pride. I'm eager to continue exploring metaphysical themes and sharing these narratives with others.
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