Interview with ThyArt Network LLC

Who is Tim LeClair of ThyArt Network LLC
Overall, I guess I am a standard human and not too extreme to be classified as unique. I note myself to be more independent than a leader or follower. I figure that is why my favorite animal is the leopard. I am also more critical than nurturing but have over time learned to bite my tongue. My current title or job is officially a researcher and author.
What is your story?
To tell my full story I would need to set a foundation, a base that is very complex and would require hours or many pages to establish. To explain where I am right now is a bit easier. I retired in 1997 from the U.S. Navy. I then worked in the corporate world until 2006. I went out on my own and found out how hard it is for a person to establish a successful business. During this time, I watched as racial tensions were being built on purpose. I watched politicians and news media lie to us, not understanding why they were allowed to do this. Many of these questions I accumulated without a satisfying answer. When I realized the power search engines had to control search results that equaled complete gagging my business concept, I suddenly became aware of the real world. I put my focus towards finding the truth and present it on a website. Again, I was gagged! So I published a book called “Puzzling Words 2012” and soon removed it from availability when I learned how devious the system was to protect itself. Much of my research included health topics; I was working on dieting strategies to help those I love including myself who became obese. I decided to put all my effort into a real weight loss strategy that could even work on a less active and a bad habit driven person like me. How does one remove obesity once it sets in? My answer is the book “Removing Obesity 101”

Since I have moved on to Create ThyArt Network LLC for the purpose to solve some of humanities problems.
What was your path to becoming an author?
Becoming a research author was the most unlikely job that I would have predicted of myself. I was never great at written English or grammar. My tone was never charismatic or exciting. I felt those things that interested me, which were non-fictional based were already told by much more influential and talented people. Finally, I became fed up with the lies. These lies were directly hurting me. These lies were also directly hurting people I cared about. At the age of 50 I realized that most everything we are taught is corrupted with lies and fabrications. These lies affect our health, money and happiness. When I attempted to mediate my information on a website, I became moderated by all the big players. At that point, I realized the only way to physically make a statement was to have it in print. Therefore, I became an author!
How do you want to be remembered as an author?
I want to be remembered as a person that tries to do the right thing, not the person who always did the right thing. I want to be remembered as trying to find the truth, not the person that was always knew the truth. In simple terms, I want to be remembered more of an intelligent person than a knowledgeable person. I want to be remembered as one who tried to find the real answer, rather than a person of false pride overflowing with false or fabricated knowledge. I want to be remembered as an author whom provided something interesting, useful, and helps people through life’s journey. Maybe remembered at times as a bit humorous or able to put a smile on a person’s face.
What would you like to do better?
As I find time, I would like to get into cartooning. I feel that cartoons are a great means to communicate a point especially when a little satire is added.
What are your future projects?
Currently I am working on a project to attack metabolic syndrome. I have lost many friends and family to this health issue. This project will not focus on providing any profit to me but will hopefully help many people to live longer, healthier, and happier. When young I was into martial arts, sometimes working out 10 hours in a day. This was one of my first research projects and maybe someday I will share my information. Or maybe not? While in the U.S. Navy, I was trained and assigned the collateral duty as a financial counselor to help people struggling with money. I want to provide this information and tools to help people to better handle their money. As far as my next tasks as an author, I have two paths to choose. The first is to focus and improve my efforts in the “213-Diet, 3rd edition” toward healthy eating and longevity. My second option if that fails to succeed, will be returning my focus to “Puzzling Words” and confront racism, politics, religion, and the other similar problems of the world.
What are your interests?
My interest have been martial arts, tennis, computing, RTS games, chess, creating things, researching, ice cream, pizza, cats and dogs, lightning and stormy weather, most music, and much more.
What are your goals in life?
I want to own what I have, meaning I want to be debt free. I want my trees to bear fruit.
What is your take on world peace?
World peace is not possible without everyone being truthful, wanting the truth, and demanding the truth. World peace could only be accomplished by use of capital punishment to any politician that knowingly or purposely lies. Some would say that is immoral and harsh but I say the lies of our politicians have caused more deaths than the worst of serial killers combined. It is one thing when a person lies for their own accord but when the results of a person’s lies impoverish or kills thousands to millions of people, they are the cancer of humanity. When the leaders of the world are of great character, then maybe we may have world peace. I live in a great country that is being destroyed because of the greediness of people desiring more wealth than needed in a person’s life a hundred times over. I do not say go out and kill such evil but to create laws that put a sentence on such actions performed by public figures and their administrative aides. Let me put it in biblical terms “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. Psalm 101:7 “No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.”
What are the loves of your life?
My first wife will always be my true love. My second wife for her hardness and continued challenges. My mother for being a great mother and always there to lend an ear. My stepfather for his strength and silent support. The United States. The world as a whole.
Published 2015-02-19.
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