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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Toronto. I would say in grade two I learned to read by myself, and I did not have the problems that I saw others kid when reading. Some kids were challenged by reading. They put rulers down under the line to read. I was reading Mr. Mugs. I loved to read. When I was in high school/grade 9, I would go to a library near the school and I would read all the science fiction short stories books that I could check out of that library. Science Fiction Nebula short stories. All kind of beautiful science fiction short stories that only I can seem to remember now and that only exist up inside the attic of my memories. They were so amazing. I did not grow up dreaming that I would want to be a writer, but I think the adage 'readers are leaders' can be true to help you to write and express what is in your heart and soul and what you are burning to share with others.
When did you first start writing?
I started making a diary every time I went to Florida with my parents. I should say journal, not diary. We would go to Florida (Daytona Beach) every year and I would be the family documenter of what we did and where we went in those journals. I put my feelings and emotions in those journals. I swore in those journals. I saw that the journals could be powerful emotional outlets because I could release the storms inside my soul inside those journals and in some way release the inner pressure that my emotions were bringing to bear on myself from consuming me. My parents never read those journals and so they became a private safe for me to hide away the secret writings that were for my eyes only.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My book is my story. When I went to Marine Terrace at the age of 19, I had Arnold's book tucked my arm. I was reading this book and I realized that I had been thinking about having muscles my whole life, but I had never really done anything about it. The more I read his book, the more I realized, I must be like this man. I must go to the gym, get the muscles and become the greatest bodybuilder--like ever! But over the course of almost thirty years, I have found that there is a force inside myself that does not like me trying to expand my musculature. Outwardly, I seem to have the right genetics, the right stuff. I have made permanent gains in muscle hypertrophy. People have asked me " did you play football when you were in high school." I tell them 'no, I was not athletic' which is the truth, but I like the attention. But as much as I have loved training/bodybuilding, I have hated it almost as much, for my muscles make me unwell. I went to the medical for answers and I got the same old half-baked canned answers, "exercise in moderation". I did all that. I want to know why my muscles make me unwell. I want THE ANSWER! Not someone else's guesses. My book is my attempt to stop learning, and start thinking. I am formulating an answer that I think is so simple I wonder if I have concluded something that is wrong, but I don't think I have. Otherwise, I would not have written what I have written.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I saw that this website was going to give me something that the world (in the form of book publishers) was not going to give me: a chance. An ability to vent and publish my views. I am not a scientist or a doctor. But I have something to say about muscle building. It was important to me to say this. I have been fighting and hungering and looking for an answer and I think that the publishers were not going to give me a shot, but this website did. It seemed to take people like me very, very seriously. And I liked that.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Being able to create something. To say that I have made something that is outside myself and to make some kind of small contribution to the world that I find myself in. I fight with words and sometimes it comes off wrong, but I have seen a few pearls that have come from my mind through my fingers and I say to myself, 'aaaahhhh, I made that'. It sounds good. It needed to be said. That is joy beyond price or words.Life is not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be rewarding and satisfying.
What do your fans mean to you?
I don't have any fans (at least, I don't think I do), but I would like to give knowledge to people as I wanted to have knowledge given to me. Arnold said that he was the mother of the bodybuilders, that he wanted to hear their problems. I take that to mean that he was the mother of the professional bodybuilders. I have never been a bodybuilder, but I would like to be the second mother of the bodybuilders. Not so much the professionals, but the non-professionals guys like me (who could never become professional), slogging away in the gym, who never became professionals AND who have hypertension and are made unwell by the growth of their muscles, but who do it and who love it. I would like to give them something that was never given to me: I would pat them on the back and say, "You didn't do anything wrong. It is going wrong because it is supposed to go wrong." I would like to give them that encouragement for they are my children and I am their mother because I did it all right and it was supposed to go wrong and no one will ever tell them that--but me. That would mean the world to me for someone like that to say, "Thanks for telling me. I understand now. I get it! Finally!"
Who are your favorite authors?
Stephen King. Issac Asimov. Robert Silverberg. Terry Goodkind. Ray Bradbury. Frank Herbert. Amazing stories written by these men. I would read these books and say to myself while reading them, "Lord, I wish you had given me a creative mind like these men so I could write these amazing things."
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Sometimes, I have a hard time. Honestly. I get up and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and that there is something beyond this life, beyond the grave. I don't think I have depression, but I do feel a heaviness in my mind sometimes, but then I read something from the bible. Then I take a shower, put on my clothes, get in my car, get a coffee and go to work and think to myself, "Must go forward. Must not go backwards." I have a wife and 2 great kids. That helps. And a mortgage. Can't forget that. Also, I am doing cardio work, slimming down and I do feel healthier and better. Being bigger was unwellness and depression--and at the age of 48, cannot go there anymore. Would have loved to be big but there is a time and a place and you got to get on while the getting is good!
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes, I do. It is not on here. I wrote a story in Grade 10 about a cop finding that the street had blown up and he was investigating a possible bombing. I remember the teacher reading it in front of the class. I was amazed that words could have that much power. Tremendous power. I liked the attention and I liked that people asked me afterwards, what made me think of that.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
As I said, I read Mr. Mugs in school. I remember reading two stories very early on and I have never forgotten them. Not sure which came first. One was a science fiction story about a man, an idiot baby and someone else. Can't remember what. It was a story where the author used the word 'gestalt'. The man, the baby and the other person/thing was an example of a gestalt organism. I have never gotten that story because it was so...weird and it just totally took me out of my normal frame of reference. But I liked it. Another story I read was about a young boy and it involved a Mobius strip. Never heard of a Mobius strip before. It detailed that among the human race are super-intelligent being whose intelligence is way off the scale. The boy was one of these. He is talking to his father and the father comes to realize that the boy is super-intelligent and they have a good relationship. However, the boy learns that in the future, there will be a disaster of some kind or the human race will die out and that the super-intelligent people decided to go back into the past where they founded the human race. It is a perpetual loop: like a Mobius strip.
Published 2013-08-31.
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