Interview with Fiona Kerr

Where did you grow up and what influenced your writing?
I am from Melbourne, Australia and I have been lucky in that I have always been an inner suburbs person. My father loved photography and on the weekends, years ago, we would travel to different parts of the city or inner areas to get different kinds of effects from shadows on buildings and that interested me. Also watching him flicking through his many ideas kept me interested as well.
What's the story behind the book you have written?
Throughout my life I've grown up with many aspects of art. I've done courses in life drawing, ceramics and studied music part time at a music college. Particularly when I was studying music, I was deeply moved by many pieces of music, given that you needed to research the aspects around why a piece was written and/or why it was positioned within an opera. Some pieces left me very emotional. Also, some movies have left me with lasting memories. These are aspects of art and expression. Art is a brilliant communicator.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
I had an idea that I needed to get out there and Smashwords made it so easy and achievable.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
As I have discussed throughout my book, to write is a form of art - so therefore it is a release and for me it is a platform for me to share my ideas.
What do your fans mean to you?
I hope that those that read this book take the opportunity to view art and think about it in the way that I am sharing.
What are you working on next?
Once I got this concept running, I did try to focus on other ideas, but the women in this story are all powerful individually and have so many different directions that they can take and that is something that I could not leave be. As much as I tried to work on another concept that I had in mind and had been writing notes on during this book, the stubbornness of Eva and the cheek of Susannah have stayed with me, hence the next part - 'A Matter of Time'.
Which book have you read that has had the most impact?
Definitely 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy. It left me so moved, scared and uncertain. I could only read it in daylight, never at night. Once I finished it I put it away for about 6 months and then a friend told me it was more fulfilling the second time around which I had trouble believing but I did read it again. His descriptive text is amazing to make you feel cold and alone even in a packed room on a 40 degree day.
Published 2014-05-17.
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Emma visits a small unique gallery within inner Melbourne. It is a place where people use art as a method to find closure or to seek answers to long held questions. One piece of art decides that Emma is the one that can help, a sculpture of a hand. It sits on a stand, neglected and longing for attention. When Emma stops to admire it, it grabs her and takes her to a beach to save a lost soul.