Interview with E. Mendell

What is your writing process?
My writing process is all over the place at the starting. I get an idea, a character design, or a small scene in my head, and I begin writing around that. From there I let the characters and story tell me what's happening. I am frequently surprised by what happens. There's only one book I actually made an outline for, but it went nowhere. I feel readers will react to the stories I write if I get the chance to react with them.
How long did it take you to write Hiroshima, Golden Messenger?
It actually took me three months to write Hiro's first book. It's a short story, so that's rather embarrassing for me. In my defense I was also working on the Eysheus Saga. But yes, it took me about three months to write it.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yeah, i remember the first story I ever wrote. In fact I still have it. It is a small story, written by my six-year-old self. Everything is spelled wrong and it's scrambled all over the page. Back then I wrote about myself and my siblings, mingled with my dreams. The story was called Black Medalien and the Cooters. It's supposed to be "Black Medallion", but like I said, I couldn't spell anything right. And don't ask what a Cooter is. I was strange with names back then...
Secretly I've tried rewriting it. Maybe I'll publish it on Smashwords someday.
Describe your desk
Heh...heheh... um, what desk? Oh! That wooden contraption coated in stacks of paper, documents, a lamp, and hundreds of other things? There's a Dell computer hidden back there somewhere, and also a large collection of teas. Hm... tea... On the very top is a well organized placement of Asia items, a model boat, and two katanas. In the hidden door at the side is my secret stash of treats. There are drawers with important documents, but that's hidden behind my punching bag. So yeah, that's my desk. Or, sorta.
Besides writing, what do you enjoy doing?
To everyone who knows me it's obvious writing is my first love, (I often burst into excited raptures when inspiration hits me. Sometimes it can startle people.) But besides being an author, I am also a Martial Artist. I study fitness because of that, and first aid. I also have a deep interest in art. On my blog, facebook page, or twitter account I post pictures I've drawn. (I drew my Smashwords profile picture.) I am also obsessed with cars and when I can will spend time with my truck.
What's your favorite genre to write?
Fantasy. I love to write fantasy. Maybe because as a little girl I lived with my head in the clouds, which made fantasy stories second nature. I try to write a little of all genres, but Fantasy, Adventure, and Action will probably always be my favorite to write and read.
Also, might I add I cannot write Non-fiction to save my life? Because i can't... I tried. it all turns into fantasy somehow.
What is your favorite color?
Ah... ah? Color? Um... I like black. I also like white and blue... and silver... red also...
If you could eat lunch with anyone, (dead, alive, real or imaginary) who would it be and why?
This sounds like a question I'd be asked at a job interview. Lets see... I would actually love to have lunch with J.R.R. Tolkien. There's so much I would want to talk to him about. He was such a brilliant writer. I still read Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and feel like I'll never reach Tolkien's level of skill and imagination. So I would have lunch with him and talk about the books he wrote and ask his advice on mine. I know he would give me some great ideas.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
My five favorite books... First! I love The Hobbit. It was beautifully written and an easy read. A page turner with a few slow moments, but they pass pretty fast. Second would be the whole Rangers Apprentice series. I absolutely love the first part of that series because of the creativity and wonderful characters. That kinda comes to more than five, but I'll name more. Third, The Thief Lord. A childish book, but also with a wonderful story line and imaginative plot. Loved it... Fourth, Howls Moving Castle. Not just a movie, it's a hilarious, colorful story and a page turner. Fifth is the Bible. Encouragement, Life, and History in one book. Wonderful...
What do your fans mean to you?
I don't like the thought of "fans" exactly. I'd rather consider them my friends. This is because when I was first writing I only let my friends read my books. So everyone who reads my book is a friend, whether they enjoy it or not. I don't want to stand over anyone. My writing is a God-given ability and all I want is for everyone to enjoy it. So in a nutshell, my fans mean everything to me. A writer can't live without readers. We literally die without them.
Published 2014-06-06.
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