Interview with G.B. Miller

What motivated you to become an indie author?
After the initial success of landing a traditional publisher for my 1st book The Inner Sibling (formerly Line 21), I resumed querying my next completed manuscript, which was a fantasy novella. I quickly realized that most, if not all, publishers were unwilling/unable to take on that particular length of writing (25-40k+ words). However, the one thing that I had going for me, besides a viable product that I believed in, was the information that I was able to glean from a plethora of fellow writers about self-publishing.
What's the story behind your latest book?
This particular story came about in a rather convoluted way. Back in 2016, I decided to rewrite a previously published chapbook. The story was okay, but I thought it could use a little more in the way of content. About four chapters into the rewrite, I suddenly remembered I had a slushie novel that served as a prequel to this chapbook. With great reluctance, I put my current project to the side in order to tackle the slushie. Ultimately, I was able to extract two complete novels from that one slushie, and this particular story is the first of those two novels.
What do you read for pleasure?
I read both non-fiction and fiction, but for pleasure I lean more towards non-fiction than anything else. Growing up my fave non-fiction was true crime, but nowadays I'll read almost any topic that happens to strike my fancy at a given moment. For fiction, I'm open to reading any genre at least once, but I'm partial to interracial romances, historical fiction, mysteries and urban.
Why write in the paranormal/fantasy genre?
It took me quite some time to find a genre that would let me be me with my increasingly R-rated+ style of writing. This particular genre works quite well for me, since the themes that I like to play with (religion, the darker side of sex, interracial and inter-species relationships) seem to be better suited for that genre than any other type.
What are you working on next?
I am currently working on volume #2 of my trilogy entitled, "The Friendship Continues." I've already gotten the initial draft done and I'm currently in the 4th round of edits. The previous rounds consisted of applying the 95 pages of editing noties and the delightful feedback from a few beta readers.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Vaguely. I wrote a story for a high school English lit class, a turn on MacBeth that riffed on the song "Another One Bites The Dust". I think I got a C or something like that on it.
What type of scene/plot/action do you feel the most comfortable writing in?
Sex (in all of its wonderful variables), violence (from implied to graphic but not repulsive) and religion. Either stand alone or some kind of combination of all three, I enjoy writing it all. But the one key rule that I apply to whatever particular theme I'm using, it has to be relevant to the scene. Sometimes to the plot, but always relevant to a given scene. The one thing that I'd learned early on was to make those concepts/themes relevant to the story. There is absolutely no sense in throwing in a sex scene, for example, if it doesn't really do anything to move along the story. That's just a wasted a space that could be better use and a waste of time to the reader that could be better spent.
What is your writing process?
We all have odd routines that we got through and mine is no exception to the rule. Because of the genetic malady that I labor under, my writing process is somewhat inefficient to say the least, but it works for me. Because I suffer from moderate-to-extreme hand fatigue, I have to take frequent breaks (often every five to ten minutes) in order to recuperate and get back in to the swing of writing. Which means that mentally, I'm often five to seven pages ahead of whatever it is I happen to be writing. But my output usually totals somewhere in the neighborhood of 250-300 words per sitting, which makes me a very slow writer.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in suburban Connecticut, or to be more precise, a slice of semi-country/rural in a suburban town in Connecticut. I was and still am, surrounded by pockets of suburban rural and this suburban ruralness greatly influences my writing. I often use the familiar surroundings/areas of my home state as settings for my stories, as my home state has that perfect mix of suburbia and rural that can cleanse the soul and nourish the spirit, which can make for some very interesting writing.
How do you approach cover design?
While I can come up with a very good idea of what I want for a given cover, I have no telent for the graphic design. So my graphic designer of choice is Book Covers By Design Ltd., and they do an absolutely fantastic job of translating my ideas into a eye-catching cover.
Published 2018-06-10.
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