Interview with George M James

Why should you read my books?
What I have to say is important. The GMJ Books contain warnings on what is not known outside my world and I want to be known. I was shocked to read the other day that some of the most popular South African authors say that they have no messages to the readers in their books, they write for entertainment only. I am not like that and I am most certainly not part of the South African “author scene” either and with even less desire ever to be. Probably because I started as a non-fiction writer, I am different in style, I always have messages in my books. I want the knowledge distributed, people to think about what they just read and the books to be of practical value besides being entertainment. Thus, from GMJ 19, Code Name Bella Dawn, I included a 50 plus page Intelligence Briefing to explain the background of the GMJ Series. I know that the contents of the GMJ Books may be shocking to you if used to the “OMG it is Patton or Montgomery School of Thought" but as I always say, you are welcome to research what I write and to contact me for more information – if it is possible to give more information or explain why I came to certain conclusions – I will do so. Most readers tell me that they learned much from reading my books, for that I am grateful as these are not the usual story books, no, they are policy analyses and uncompromising, a different view. Expect to be taken outside the normal.
GMJ always supports US Veterans, so should you.
If you wish to donate because of the free eBooks you got here, do so at any US Veterans Organisation in honor of my late wife, a US Citizen and Patriot. The GMJ Books were written to warn on current dangers, that is what they do, they tell you what no other author is able to do because he does not have my knowledge and never will.
GMJ does not support Apple's iBook Stores
I will never support Apple because of their refusal to obey court orders, my books may be read in ePub but never being sold in Apple iBook Stores.
Do you read book reviews?
No, never, if you wish to write to me directly and the letter is politely worded, I will gladly respond and explain my views or answer questions if possible. About reviews, shrug, the first thing you learn as an author is that everyone has an opinion, good or bad and sometimes plain nasty. The books here on Smashwords are less than 10% of the published ones, and they are controversial because they are not the usual "OMG it is Patton" type of books but expert policy analyses in a world few readers would ever have entered of have much knowledge about. The fact is, GMJ Books are read at Military Academies because they are so well researched and they save lives.
Published 2017-06-09.
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