Interview with Garrett Stevens

How is your book different from others in the genre?
Dog Myths is exceptionally rare because it honestly and intelligently dissects how ridiculous the professional dog training industry has become. Did you know dog aggression is on the rise? Dog fears and phobias are at an all time high! How can this happen in this world of internet and modern scientific knowledge and dog training? Dog trainers and behaviorists can be found under any rock these days so why do these behavioral problems exist? I'll tell you frankly, it is because people believe in loads of behavioral dog myths. We act on what we believe. If our beliefs are in falsehoods and dog myths like positive-only reinforcement or if we believe in harsh handling and punitive mostly reinforcement because we are the "alpha," our dogs will continue to manipulate the dickens out of us and they will continue to exhibit poor behavior! The answers lie in understanding nature and in our dogs' senses and spatial intelligence NOT in bribery with food or smacking them around. Most well-meaning folks don't understand how pathetically weak pleasure or pain (positive reinforcement or punitive reinforcement) is when compared to the natural INTERNAL Motivators we can find in our dogs! Positive reinforcement AND punitive reinforcement are both shallow external motivators and will never compare to our dogs' internal drives and motivations. Mainstream training always harps on obedience and trick training what they fail to realize is that the Addition of obedience doesn't necessarily mean the Subtraction of poor behavior! It is way beyond time we looked past the status quo and into the calm and wonderfully freeing future of dog ownership. It's time we busted these many Dog Myths and pave the way for man and man's best friend for the next thousand years!
What is your writing process?
Scattered. Often a deluge of ideas, images, and concepts. I sure wish I had paid more attention to Mr. Dunbar's English class when we were going over writing an outline. But there's hope for me yet because Dog Myths is just the first of many books I plan to unveil unto the unprepared populace. As I grow as an author and a marketer hopefully some day in the near future they may actually be prepared.
Honestly though, as a reformed perfectionist, I have made up a quote that has helped me immensely. Would you like to hear it? Here goes... Never let procrastination and perfectionism paralyze production. That's a lot of Ps. Perhaps I just miss my years watching Sesame Street? I don't know.
I have attended one book writing seminar and it was highly beneficial. Maybe for my next book I'll use his techniques.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
No, I cannot recall precisely. I do however have quite the book addiction. It started in my youth. I remember treasuring the times my father read from the Five Chinese Brothers or these amazing Arch books that had cleverly rhymed Bible stories. Whenever I was able to talk my mother into reading the Saggy Baggy Elephant or anything from Theodore Geisel it was a win for me. Mercer Mayer and Maurice Sendak paved a steady pathway into my brain. In second grade we were all fortunate enough to have one of those teachers that really loved books. Mrs Duff had the class read E.B. White's Charlotte's Web and I was amazed. I've been a hopeless addict all my life.
How do you approach cover design?
Big and Bold. My challenge is in the title. I'm always too wordy. Bizarre, right? I suppose one is supposed to have a cover and title that either goes for the pain or pleasure parts of the human eyeball. How's Dog Myths look to you? Did I succeed?
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Oh an impossible question for an addict such as myself. I will attempt something but know that I don't go down this path willingly. Thus far I would say The Hobbit, Shogun, Hatchet, Professor Wormbog in search for the Zipperump-a-zoo, The Bible. And just to protest this only five nonsense I will also say The Count of Monte Cristo.
The Hobbit is one of the coziest, most creative armchair adventures one could ever take. Epic worlds surround the reader but are balanced by the tiniest of homey details and everyday human discomforts. Shogun is outstanding and offers an amazing look at a fascinating time period and culture with oh so vivid characters. There's even a twist at the end. Hatchet is a little book containing big imagery to whisk one away with each turn of the page. A family favorite that reads well for many aged readers. Mayer's Professor Wormbog in search for the Zipperump-a-zoo just may be the best children's book ever. I am in love with this book - buy it and find love. The Bible...what can I say that has not been said? History, biology, geography, self help and wisdom, business and enterprise, love and romance, wars and adventures, prophecy and mystery, miracles and murder, the law given to mankind, grace and love revealing itself in a broken world and broken individuals (no wonder it's the all time best seller, eh?) buy this one too and find Love.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Dog Myths will rock you. I have zero doubts about it. If you think you know something about dogs then I've got news for you. Dogs are brilliant social species that manipulate the dickens out of us. That is at the heart of Dog Myths. This book is for all our clients that have requested it over the years. This book is for the person with the new puppy. This book is for the person with their fifth rescue dog - the one that for some strange reason can't get this new dog to calm down. Dog myths reveals the many, many, many false beliefs that have flooded the dog training industry and then we bust them and break them one glorious chapter at a time. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free! There is freedom to be found (freedom and relaxation for both man and beast) if one first recognizes the truth and then takes the proper action to remedy the issues. Please, please, please do your dog and yourself a tremendous favor and at least read the free sampling of my book, Dog Myths. So many people don't know that most training and behavior modification just plain sucks and doesn't work nearly as efficiently as it should and could. It's time we moved far, far beyond just "giving our dog a job to do" and take an honest look at the present and, in this way, create a better future for Fido and ourselves!
What are you working on next?
I've already got 85% of my next dog training book finished! I also have two already completed kid's books that are quite outlandish and fun I may look into publishing them. And I will most definitely be doing other books concerning the dogs and all they have taught me as I translate for them and work with their families
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Supply and Demand mostly. Dog Myths is so different from the vast majority of dog training and behavioral modification books that it can and will make a vast difference to any soul wise enough to just give it a shot. We have hundreds of clients that have requested it over the years. I own and operate the best darn dog training business in the entire South Sound area. We have clients driving up to three hours (just one way) to work with us! It is because we don't preach positive reinforcement and we don't preach punitive reinforcement either!! Those are just two shallow external motivators that can never motivate or build a healthy relationship like Internal Motivation can and can never effect our dogs like natural movement, energy, and working with how dog's think and act within the space around them. Check out the book - you won't regret it!
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
We'll see - won't we!
What do your fans mean to you?
Everything. The more there are the more my motivation to serve and supply
Who is your book for?
Dog Myths is chalked full of helpful info and real world know-how. The book is for anyone with a new puppy or new rescue dog, anyone suffering with behavioral issues, anyone working at a veterinarian clinic or rescue facility, and for anyone looking to enter the world of professional training or behavior modification! This book is for those who want to truly learn the art of dog language interpretation. It also makes a great gift for any dog lover in your life! Dog Myths is about taking an honest look at our dogs and our relations and interactions with them. In the book we examine many common doggy deceptions and daily manipulations that our brilliant furry companions pull on us and then how to remedy the specific situation. Dog Myths is for the person who wants to see beyond the status quo of mainstream training and behavior modification. It is for those who have already tried training and drugging and modifying their dogs behavior to no avail. Dog Myths flies in the face of all that to reveal a wondrous, natural, efficient method of dog handling and relating that is quite rare in an industry bogged down with shoddy training methods. Check it out - you may just change your life with dogs!
Published 2018-01-28.
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