Interview with Gerry Strauss

What motivated you to become an indie author?
As I am progressing through the course of aging, many memories, the fun, funny and the wonderful ones, as well as the sad and miserable, pass through my thoughts. For example, I recall poetry that I have read, heard and some that I have written. It was a little disquieting when some of those memories, including the poetry, have begun to drift away to obscurity.
This was noticeable several years back, when it was then, that I decided to memorialize enough to more-or-less honor a few for my own use, in my present and future reflections. The entire project was from the start, and remained solely for my own use. It still is for me, alone. Selling books was never a consideration. My book was not written for leading, guiding or enlightening others. I never considered impressing my observations and thoughts on anyone. Never was it my idea to imprint my interpretations or opinions on someone, for any reason.
Somewhere along the route of writing, it became plain that it all should be done in some orderly way leading to making a point, if only for me. Clarity of a lifetime of experiences, looking and listening is essential to bringing together a written memorializing that makes any sense of "who is this guy, and how did that happen?" . After that realization, I had a new project, which I always enjoy.
The effort lead to the puzzling thoughts of just how do we each, as individuals, become the eventual creature we must live with. We hear that genetically, we are born ABC and the environment molds us into XYZ. How and why does that happen? For example, I think I know why my views on politics came to be and are as they are, but what about the guy across the room? Where did he start out and what happened to create the person, with his views, he is today?
In any event, I hope that anyone who may read my book will do so, not so much focused on my writing, or critiquing my work, but more so, pondering if they were writing their own. It is a worthy effort to reflect on who we, ourselves, as one person, and how in the heck did that happen?
Published 2016-03-16.
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