Interview with Ginger Segreti

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Research. *wink*

In all seriousness, I postulate that as adults we repress more than is good for us. My goal is for individuals to be free to express themselves and see sex and sexuality as the adult playground it is-the place that we can act, explore, challenge ourselves and above all else – have fun.

I believe in being the change I want to see in the world and actively engage in the best part of my job – the research! I love helping people, solving problems and sex. What better way to design my life than to combine these passions?

My goal is to be as impactful as writers such as Erica Jong and Betty Dodson. I am working at the intersection of technology and sex – a well-timed apex. Society continues to ingrain technology in daily living; it is only a matter of time before that extends to other more intimate aspects of our life. Imagine a world where your ability as a lover was easily assessed and improved; where communication and self-satisfaction where the norm not the deviation; where sex could be as fun and exhilarating as a childhood game without fear, shame and anxiety.

I am building a sex positive experience through erotica, dream weaving and observations. I am pushing boundaries and limits on the journey to be @DesireBound.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I am very excited my first novella will be published this summer (end of August) through Excessica.

The book follows a lesbian couple, Catalina and Ginger as they navigate their relationship while seeking and engaging in a threesome.

This tale will be the first of the DesireBound series. I anticipate the series having at least five or six novellas with different focal points. This first book is a light introduction to the poly / swinging world.

Here is a sneak peak:

Catalina, a dark haired Latin beauty with an hourglass figure and an ass that pops, and her girlfriend, a rebellious, red-headed Aquarius half hippie, half career woman with a sultry sense of femininity were considering kids. What better approach than to go to the source?

Catalina considers herself a lesbian while Ginger’s identity is in flux. She has slept with men and women, appreciating both genders. Never quite content, she has secretly dreamed of a husband and a wife. This opportunity is too good to pass up, and Ginger bites the bullet, agreeing to Catalina’s idea to post an ad for a threesome.

Ideas of children are quickly dismissed as the two embark on a sexual odyssey unlike any either has experienced. It was like playing the lottery but with sex. The only difference -the ad was constructing a fantasy, not buying one. The responses range from the phallic to the financial and everything in between.

The adventure adds an undercurrent of sex to their daily lives making even the most mundane experiences, erotic. The couple’s intimacy increases as they tight walk navigating new boundaries and exploring unchartered territory. Choosing a man who likes to be aggressive, but loves submissive they head out for their first threesome as a couple.
Who are your favorite authors?
Jean M Auel holds a special place in my literary development. Her Earth’s Children series books were my first exposure to erotica within the context of a plot. I have read and re-read the series as each new book was released. Ann Rice is another of my favorite authors. I enjoyed both her paranormal releases as well as her erotic Sleeping Beauty original trilogy published under A. N. Roquelaure. I have recently discovered Erica Jong and have quickly consumed three of her books, while looking forward to reading more.

I love reading that is informative, entertaining and educational. My perfect book contains imagery that I am unfamiliar with as well as words that are not in my common vocabulary. I strive to push boundaries and limits in all aspects of my life, my lexicon included.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
As I mentioned previously, I like to personally engage in research. This includes activities from kink classes to munches, to swingers clubs and everything in between.

When my focus isn’t sex (ok, so my focus is almost always sex) I love the outdoors – hiking, gardening, and meditating. Cooking is another of my passions – you may note that from my writing. I am enamored with physicality and gravitate towards activities that move me such as dancing, weight lifting, and yoga.

In terms of business related non-writing: I am investing time in the entrepreneurial and tech communities as I actively seek business partners. I have been developing an identity, creating a website, utilizing social media, while also building the infrastructure of the business.

Let’s say, my journey to be DesireBound keeps me busy!
Published 2015-06-02.
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