Interview with Glenn Ric

What inspired your story?
‘The World Without—Last Days of the Koonung’ was inspired by the games of my children, and events of my own childhood while playing by the local Koonung Creek in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.The first chapter actually happened, and set the whole writing thing in motion. Once I had written the first chapter, I wondered what would happen next, so I wrote another chapter so on until much to my surprise, within six weeks I had a story that involved activities, games and events that occupied the lives of my children.
Over next four years I ended up producing the trilogy that brings the original story 'Last Days of the Koonung' to its final conclusion. The three books are: ‘The World Without—Last days of the Koonung’; ‘The World Without—A world in peril’; and ‘The World Without—Rise of the Fras’. With some additional editing, I am planning on publishing the books 2 and 3 within the next 18 months.
What motivated you to write fantasy novels for children?
If your kids are like ours, the only thing they want to do is play. Play outside; play with each other, play online or on their phones and game consoles.
And if you’re a typical parent like us you desperately want them to do well and be happy, so combined with jobs, mortgages, relationships, and looking after kids it’s a double time, hectic life. Like many parents we spent every night reading to the kids or encouraging them to read for themselves. We read them stories by great authors like C.S. Lewis, ‘Chronicles of Narnia’; Emily Rhoda’s ‘Deltora Quests’ (the box set), J. R. R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit, The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and a host of others.
Bottom line, it seemed to make little difference. They just were not readers. They just wanted to run, play, eat and sleep. Typical boys! But here is the kicker. Our boys loved fantasy. They played a game they called Mixed-up Made-up. Basically, it’s a game of pretend. They talked about the plots, scenes and roles at school, and when they got home they made costumes and props and played out their make believe adventures for hours.
So we got involved; not so far as playing, but in talking about the stories and the people in them. Under the instruction of our boys, my wife made an array of costumes from Greek mythology, space heroes, wizards, and monsters. I helped then make swords, light sabres and staffs, bows and arrows and sling shots, which we were told were crucial to a particular game we honestly didn’t quite understand.
Now you are probably thinking how did all this get them to read? Well it inspired me to write a fantasy adventure novel. Maybe I was influenced by all the books we read to the kids, but I tried to write something totally unique, with new characters and Australian themes.
I wrote a book about boys, their adventures, and the things in their lives they were interested in. I printed two pages per sheet on the home printer, which incorporated the kid’s illustrations throughout the chapters. Then I guillotined them into single pages and bound the whole thing with glue. And guess what? They read it! And, not only did they read it; they went outside and re-enacted the stories, even quoting the characters in the book word for word.
That was in 2006. Since then I’ve written two sequels, which bring the whole series of adventures to their final conclusion. But let me say this. Kids can be brutally honest, and it can be very confronting to have kids as critics, especially if you write for a living as I do. I’m a corporate writer, but writing a novel, a kid’s novel, is nothing like writing press releases, marketing documents or ministerial briefings.
Here we are, nine years and twenty edits later, it’s now 2015 and I’m launching the first one of the three novels, ‘The World Without—Last Days of the Koonung’ a book by Glenn Ric.
So if you have kids between the ages of 8 and 14, ‘The World Without – Last Days of the Koonung’ may capture their interest. It’s written for them, so I hope it encourages them to keep reading, imagining and developing their own creativity.
Published 2015-12-14.
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