Interview with Storm Stone

What's the story behind your latest book?
The Casual Car Series started out as a short story about an Englishwoman visiting a Las Vegas bar and being invited outside for Casual Car Sex by an extremely hot American male. Jemma is quite inexperienced, but takes the plunge, and the sex between them in the backseat of his Cadillac is explosive. Damon, the hot alpha-male of the story is also shocked and unnerved by the effect this Englishwoman has on him, and he doesn't even know her name! From there the story and characters grew in my mind and the book has now evolved to become 'Going Solo'. Not wanting to give too much away, all I can say is that the story gets a lot darker when Damon realizes Jemma has lied and deceived him. His anger combined with his overwhelming desire to continue seeing her brings out the Dom in him and Damon begins to use sex as a punishment to take his revenge on Jemma for betraying him.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords has been my saviour! Writing, waiting, rejections. has all become a thing of the past thanks to Smashwords. I love the fact that I now have control of my work, I love being able to see how many people are reading my stories and I especially love receiving feedback from readers. To Mark Coker (and Aaron who's been a great help with the technical setbacks) I would like to say THANK YOU!
Who are your favorite authors?
My favourite Smashwords authors are:
Mark Coker - Naturally!
Leela Atherton - Passion and Deceit 1, 2 & 3
Tess Mackenzie
Don Draco
Kat von Wild - One More Time

My favourite all-time authors are:
EL James - Fifty Shades, (This Trilogy Rocked My World!)
Ian McEwan - Atonement
J.R. Ward - Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
Janine Ashbless - Burning Bright
Stephen King - 'The King' not only of Horrors, but so much more. . .
What is your writing process?
It all starts with an idea; 'what if?' From there the story evolves and if the characters have depth they will often drive the story on. I write the first draft very quickly and if I get stuck I'll ignore the problem and just move on, as I don't want to interrupt the writing flow. Later I'll go back and look for the correct word, phrase, etc. that I'd been stuck on. As the story proceeds I will often bring in my 'what if?' question. It becomes like a game of chess: if this happens then that will happen and this,which either leads me to a stalemate, but sometimes, if I'm lucky, it will lead to a checkmate! And so the story continues. Hope this makes sense?
What do your fans mean to you?
I don't think I have 'fans', however, having people reading my books means so much to me. Watching the numbers grow inspires me to write everyday, but I do wish more readers would give me feedback. It puzzles me to see the amount of people reading my story and yet only a small handful will click that 'review' key? Come on guys, let us know what you think of our stories!
What is a sexcerpt?
A 'sexcerpt' is an excerpt of a longer story, containing just the sexy bits. We all do it - skip through the 'boring parts' to get to the dirty bits. Well a sexcerpt does that for you - it takes you straight to the dirty parts and, hopefully, will entice you to read the whole story. A sexerpt is not a sex expert.
Why did you decide to publish this 'sexcerpt' from Casual Car Sex?
In today's world we just want to read a short, smutty story. Instant gratification. We don't want to invest time in anything more. Not knowing that the more we invest in the full story - the sexual tension, the sexual build up, the agony as well as the ecstasy - the more we may discover and enjoy. Until, one day, we're reading the whole book, every word - for the second time - it's that good.
Is your work published anywhere else?
Yes, I publish Sexceerpts of some of my stories, plus 'Jemma's Blog' from the Casual Car Series, on
What are you working on next?
I'm quite fascinated by Johnny Deep and the world he lives in, so I think I'll continue to write about him. I'm also considering the possibility of him falling in love (I'm a born romantic). At the moment his life is coasting along quite smoothly, so it would be interesting to see how he would handle the emotional upheaval of falling in love. We'll just have to wait and see...
Published 2016-03-09.
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